Prayer For Letting Go And Moving On

Dear Lord, You know how much I enjoyed my job and relied on the income I earned from it. And now it is gone. I pray, Lord, that You take care of me until I find a new one and that I find a job that is just right for what You would have me do in this season of my life. While it won't be easy to move on during this transition, I know You will help me. You will never leave me nor forsake me. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that You will help me as I figure out how to move on from this lost friendship. While You delight in Your children getting along well, I know that it doesn't always work out and people grow apart. I pray that You would bless them as they move on and help me to find new friends too. Thank You, Lord, for always being with me. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

Lord, I kneel before You in humble submission and pray that in Your mercy and kindness You would help me to simply let go of all the fears and worries, problems and doubts, guilt and disappointments that seem to be filling my heart and mind so often, during the course of a day.

Fill my hurting soul with Your love and peace I pray. Fill the emptiness and pain that is tearing my life asunder. Lord, You know what is in my heart and why I am going through this time of fear and worry. Help me Lord, to take every thought captive, to hand it over to You as it rears up in my mind, and help me to replace it with thoughts and words of Scripture that tell of Your great might and wonderful power.

Lord, You have told us to think about whatever is lovely and pure and holy and good, and I pray that You would help me to turn the eyes of my heart upon Jesus and look to Him day by day. In Jesus' name I pray,


Loving Father, I confess that I have been trying to sort things out in my own life for far too long, rather them handing over the reins of my life to You. Lord, I also know that I have been trying to carry the worries of others on my shoulders and in my own strength, as well as dealing with my own concerns and anxieties, and Lord, I am just about burnt out.

Father, I know that I can't do this any more and want to cast everything on to You, otherwise I know I will go under and this is not Your will for my life. Please hear my plea and come to my rescue, and forgive me for trying to be self-dependent instead of God-dependent.

Thank You for Your many precious promises to help and comfort us, and to carry all our cares on Your shoulders. Lord carry me now I pray, in Your loving arms, and may I learn to abide in You and not to try to do everything in my own strength. Thank You for the truth that Your grace is sufficient, and help me to truly apply this in my life from this day forward. In Jesus' name I pray,


Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that You will help me to move on from this lost opportunity. Though it seemed perfect to me, You know better, Lord. Help me to trust Your goodness and grace and not mourn this loss. Lord, I believe that You have even bigger and better things for me in the future, things that will make me realize this was not the opportunity for me. I believe this in faith. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

Lord Jesus, I pray that You would enable me to forget the things which are past and help me to press forward, knowing that my hope and my future is in You. Help me not to dwell on past hurts and painful memories, and enable me to forget what is behind and to walk forward into each new day, holding Your hand.

Lord, I release all of the painful memories I have to You, and pray that You would help me to renew my mind day by day and to focus my thoughts on the Lord Jesus Christ. Help me also to forgive all those that have caused me pain so that by Your grace, You would help me to fill my heart with new and joyful thoughts.

Lord, I believe that You came to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free. Wash away all these hurtful memories that are causing me so much heartache I pray, and replace them with the joy of my salvation, which I have received in Christ Jesus my Saviour, for which I offer You thanks and praise. Lord, may the words of my mouth and all the thoughts in my mind be filtered through You, and may I build up new memories that are sweetened by the beauty of Your Person. In Jesus' name I pray,


Loving Lord Jesus, I want to yield up my life into Your hands for my life seems to be falling apart at the seams and I am desperate. Oh Lord, I don't know which way to turn nor do I know what to do, and I am coming to You confessing my need of You in my life, and pray that You will forgive me of my pride in trying to be the god of my own existance. Lord, I have made me the centre of my life and not You, and I pray You would help me to change.

Lord, I don't really know how to let go. I don't really know what to do to give You control of my life, but I am coming to You in humility of heart to admit that I can do nothing in my own strength and to confess my need of You in my life. Lord, I pray that Your grace and mercy would lead and guide me and take control.

But Lord, I also ask that You would teach me how to submit my life to You. Show me how to abide in You day by day, and instruct me how to live in spirit and truth. Help me Lord, to give control of my life over to You in every way, and to become the person You would have me be. Thank You Lord, that You have not given up on me and I ask You to teach me Your way from this day forward. In Jesus' name I pray,


Father God, I know that I cannot save myself from any one particular situation in my life, as You are the only One who can do so. Therefore, I thank You, Lord, for what You have done for me. I thank You for accepting me just as I am and I am now choosing to make a willful decision to let go of any and all deep inner wounds and any and all pain from the past counting it worth less than nothing in order to fully live in the Complete Freedom you have already obtained for me.

Lord, I have received Your Son as my Personal Savior and Lord over my life, and the very moment I received Your Son, I have also been crucified with Him, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. Therefore, my past has no power or hold over me because Jesus conquered my past on my behalf the very moment He was crucified, and the very moment He conquered my past, I had been instantly set Free and made New, therefore it is in this Newness I now live and boldly move forward and forever away from the grip of the wounds and pain of the past as I pursue my New Life found in Your Plans for my Purpose in Life.

I am choosing to fully Trust You, Lord, with all my heart and I will not lean on my own understanding. In all my ways I am choosing to acknowledge You, and You will make my paths straight. I will keep working toward the day when I will fulfill all You have Ordained for me to be. I will now remain focused on the Truth of what lies ahead of me for the future, for You have made my future bright and will cause me to shine as a great beacon of Your Light for all the world to see. I have New Purpose and will reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which You are calling me in all the fullness of what Jesus did for me. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.