Prayer For Inmate Release

I need you God.
I know that I will have much time to seek you as I serve my sentence.
I will seek you Lord.
I take my bible, I will sing your praise and I will remember your promises.
You have already forgiven me, for you have laid down your life so that mine might be saved.
Now in the hardship of prison, I will seek life, I will look for you in the darkness because you are always a bright light.
I will look for the gifts in this experience, and trust that you will keep me, nurture me and change me.
Thank you that you walk with me always.


Lord, I reach out to you for your guidance.
Please show me which way to turn.
Calm my anxious thoughts, come speak into my mind.
Strengthen me as I falter and feel weary.
May I feel strength rising up within my heart.
Bring clarity into my visions and dreams.
I trust that you are with me, no matter where I go,
Or what I decide to do.
You journey with me always.



You have found me, you have forgiven me and you love me. I walk upon these truths, I set my feet firmly upon the rock of Jesus. As I leave jail I place my hand into the hand of Christ that I might led by his Spirit. Come guard my mind, let it be filled with praise, may it be full of songs of goodness that declare I am made new. And Lord, as I am freed from this physical prison, might I know your freedom in my soul. Help me to rebuild my life, to pour out love and goodness always and to seek a new pathway for my life.


Lord you are God of all Gods and all things. Thank you Lord for being a merciful God. Lord bring my sister out of being bound to the jail locked doors. I speak into existence that she is free in the name of Jesus. Lord no weapon formed against her shall prosper. I ask that u also set her free of any grudges that she hold in her heart. For being wrongly accused. Lord you said in your word that you will never leave me nor forsaken. Lord we trust you and we have faith in the name of Jesus to bring her home to her family. We bless you Lord we know all things are possible through Jesus Christ we asking you Jesus to break every chain and bring about release in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord it is doneTouch the judge the lawyers the prosecutors. .. God let them see her innocence oh let them set her free Amen

Oh lord,I have been through a lot, but, because my lord showed me the way I am now with him. I've made mistakes and with faith praying not just when you want. It is everyday even though you are an abiding citizen but,we are not perfect only GOD is. Anyway I was on my way yo go see an apartment and shopping and one of my friend told me she would take me but, me not knowing she had drugs on him he threw it towards me so please father hear me and let it go OK for me I really don't need this on my report. Oh, father I know I've been home the same day, now they want to offer me a misdemeanor or a violation so please father be by my side and guide me and and be my strength to beat this! In Jesus name, AMEN.

Lord grant your mercy to free me from the things that have me bound. Lord I ask you to set me free from everything that has attached itself to me to cause me to be bound, both spiritually and physically.

Lord I ask you to create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. As I walk out of those bars of confinement, let me never enter them again as an accused/guilty person. Wash me clean and make me whole. Help me to renew my mind to think like a free man. Help me to forget all the horrors I saw with my eyes and heard with my ears. Cleanse me of the filthiness of my surroundings. I thank you for the liberty in Christ Jesus. I thank you for receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for preserving my life to bring glory to your name. As I seek your face, satisfy my longings in your righteousness. Thank you in advance for a saved wife that you have prepared for me. Thank you for my children that aren't born yet. Thank you that I might be a man to bring glory to your name and upbuild the kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen.

Lord I come to you and ask you to please send a miracle for my fiance Gregory. He is in prison and his release date is next month on the 26. Now all of a sudden he was found with a weapon in bed which does not belong to him. This correctional Facility is known for planting weapons on inmates before there released to create another charge and prolong his sentence. Lord please make this go away and those who are guilty get caught. Make no weapon form against him prosper God. Amen

Father God

In Jesus name we pray that Kent is released from the Prison. That he is found innocent of any crime. That his father David tells the truth and that David's mental illness and drug abuse causing his violent actions towards his son Kent is found as the criminal. Kent only defended himself and saved himself from being killed. Please release him unharmed from jail and conviction free so he can live his life as before working hard and enjoying life drug and alcohol free. He knows those addictions ruined his fathers life and he has stayed away from them. He has only helped those in need and has an upright reputation. Thank You God for that. Thank you Lord that he is safe and will be lifted out of that horrible un just system in Oregon City Oregon.
In Jesus name we thank you. AMEN