Prayer For Husband Working Abroad

O God, I ask you to take me into your care and protection along with all those who sail in ships.
Make me alert and wise in my duties. Make me faithful in the time of routine, and prompt to decide and courageous to act in any time of crisis.
Protect me in the dangers and the perils of the sea; and even in the storm grant that there may be peace and calm within my heart.
When I am far from home and far from loved ones and far from the country which I know, help me to be quite sure that, wherever I am, I can never drift beyond your love and care.
Take care of my loved ones in the days and weeks and months when I am separated from them, some times with half the world between them and me.
Keep me true to them and keep them true to me, and every time that we have to part,bring us together in safety and in loyalty again.
This I ask for your love's sake. Amen.

Lord, I pray for Chona's husband who is working abroad for a greener pastureI pray for his good health, safety, and protection. Also, I pray for the health of chona, their unborn baby and their other children. Please bless them allin Christ's name, Amen!

Dear God, It says in the Bible that it is not good for a man to be alone and Lord, it is not good for a woman to be alone either. You made us to be joined as one and to be united in love, and I pray that you will bring into my life a loving husband that is just right for me, a husband that I can cherish.

Lord, You made men and women to be joined as one in the bond of marriage, and I pray that You give me a good and godly man that will be able to be my spiritual protector. Please give me patience, Lord, to wait for Your good timing.

Thank You Lord,


Oh Lord God, my heart is deeply grieved and I can scarcely bear to bring the pain that I am carrying to You in prayer, but Lord my husband has been secretly involved in sexual fantasies and pornography and my heart is breaking. Lord, I don't know which way to turn, but I come to You seeking Your strength and courage.

Lord, there is part of me that wants to walk away from my marriage and never see my husband again, and yet I also know that what he needs is my support and help but Lord, I am not sure that I have the strength or the courage to be the support that he needs. But I know, Father, that with Your help and Your grace, I can be the supportive wife needed to help him through this distressing period of our lives.

Lord, I place my husband and this terrible addiction he has into Your loving hands. Give me wisdom to seek the help that he needs and I pray that with Your help, he may be able to break this evil habit that has been tearing our lives apart. Restore Lord the years that the locusts have eaten, and may we come through this experience a stronger couple and be enabled to put this sad episode behind us, I pray.


Your love for me and my children as being the best part of our lives, I pray that the love keeps increasing in your heart and may you never have reason to be sad either from now and till the end of our time. Amen.

May the almighty God restore every broken bone in my marriage, whatever my husband saw in me that made him love me initially should be restored. Today I pray for your protection in my marriage. May the love we share never go soar. Amen.

Your ways shall bring you good luck and every where the mercy of the lord is not present you wont go there. Your ways is covered with the blood of our lord. May you come home filled with greatness My love.

The evil of the world will not come your way my king. May you only hear them with your ears, they will never come your way now and forever more.