Prayer For Husband To Stay Faithful

Father God we come before you today to ask you to help us do everything with absolute honesty in our marriage. Sanctify us by your truth your word is truth (John 17:17).

Help us to never lie to one another. Help us to come clean if we mess up or make a mistake that can affect our marriage no matter how bad we may feel or embarrassed we may be. Give us the ability to be completely transparent with one another regardless of how we feel.

We thank you for the discernment to know your truth and the conviction to call on the name of Jesus. If there is anything that we have been untruthful about in the past, please help us to share it with one another and give us the wisdom to work through it. We thank you for helping us to be honest as we choose to submit to your spirit.In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Heavenly Father we come before you to thank you for all you have done and continue to do in our lives and marriage. We come before you today, God, asking for a stronger bond of unity in our marriage covenant.

Father we ask that you will give us the ability to be a united front for you letting nothing come between us. Help us, Father to identify and work through anything that is not pleasing to you so we can continually reach higher levels of unity in our marriage spiritually, physically, and mentally.

We are thankful and excited to see the work of your hand as we do our best to seek your face daily. We love you and thank you for all of these things. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen!

Heavenly Father, I submit myself to You. Help me to be humble in all situations for I know you will lift me up.

Jehovah Shalom, I pray today with all my heart, that I do not become bitter when the storm rages. Help me, oh El Shaddai, to grow in grace, each and everyday, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who is worthy to be praised! Amen!

Jesus, I declare that I am completely free by Your blood free to worship, free to continually sing my praises to You. Your mercy is everlasting and I am so fortunate that I am a child of the Most High God.

I died with Christ, I was buried with Christ and today Lord, I am ALIVE in CHRIST! Your spirit dwells within me.

I am forgiven, I am healed, I am delivered, I am redeemed! You wrap me in Your goodness and I remain youthful in your presence. I am so thankful and in the name of Jesus, I saySO BE ITAMEN!

Almighty God, in the name of Jesus, I command every mountain that has come against our marriage be torn down! Holy Spirit, speak to us and help us to recognize Your voice.

Continue to bless us with the marriage relationship You intended for us to have. May my husband seek after you in all things and be the spiritual header of our household.

Remove anything he may be struggling with. May he be guided by the Holy Spirit and seek your counsel everyday. I declare that our marriage is preserved to eternity. In Jesus' name, SO BE ITAMEN!

My God and loving Father, I entrust to you my husband. May he remains faithful to me and to our family. Guide my husband Lord in every minute of his doings, may he always be fearful to you, do things that are pleasing to your sight. Father God, guide my partner in life, may he always be loyal and faithful to our vows, til death do us part Lord. We can do nothing Lord without you, please abide me, give me peace of mind always, and make me happy living life with my husband Lord always. God bless our marriage, may You be always at the center of our relationship Lord so that no one or nothing can hinders us to continue loving each other despite of all the trials we may encounter God. These all I ask in the name of Jesus, the Redeemer, Amen.

Dear Lord,

I come before you today humbly asking for your guidance and protection. Cleanse my soul and heart Oh Lord for I am a sinner. I am unworthy to receive a help from you but I know you are the only God I know who can help me..Lord,I am struggling with my relationship with my husband and I have been lonely after our wedding.. I have noticed his being cold and far from me.

I feel his being hot tempered and irritated with me. I am very frustrated right now. I am not happy with my husband anymore because of the way he treat me. He is very different right now. Now Oh God I need your help to renew my husband's heart, make his heart as faithful and humble as you have. Make him love me honestly and faithfully. Stay him away from any evil deeds and temptation, especially women on chat and women on text. that make him get mad at me easily. I know my prayer requires a miracle because before i met my husband he had so much girlfriends already and even now I have a strong feeling that my husband is not that loyal and faithful to me.., I do believe God that nothing is impossible with you. I know you can change my husband's habit and character.

I trust you Oh Lord that my husband will love me after I send this prayer. I am claiming that tomorrow Lord I will have a happy moments with my husband, he will then became a Godly. honest, loving and very calm husband I have been praying that for a long time Oh god.. Give us prosper in our marriage. Don't let anyone ruin our marriage God.Make us together so soon. I need your miracle oh God in our married life and in our application.. God give me also a courage and strength to endure every trial in my life. Help and protect my entire family.

I ask all of these in Jesus name I pray amen

Father, thank You that You are forever faithful. Today I pray You will again prove Your great faithfulness to my husband.

Lord, you promise to preserve the faithful (Ps.31:22) not letting them come to ruin. Today, teach my husband to be faithful. Teach him to be a man of courage,standing for what is good and right in Your eyes. Help him stand against the enemy's schemes. I pray he will be on his guard against anything that would ruin his reputation or the trust of those around him.

Jesus, thank You for Your faithfulness, even to the cross. You have proven to our Rock. All Your ways are perfect and just. You are the faithful God who does no wrong. (Ps.86:15) I pray You would give my husband abundant desire to desire purity and trustworthiness, so that his ways will always prove faithful.

Father, I lift our marriage before You. Remove any temptations that will lead to impurity, adultery, or loss of trust. Make him a man pure in thought and deed, always faithful to Your word. May he lead a life holy and blameless before You and men. Make righteousness be his belt and faithfulness the sash around his waist. (Is.11:5)

Father, you have said anyone who has been trusted with something, must then prove himself faithful. (1Cor.4:2) Father, make my husband a man who proves himself faithful in the small things and the things unseen, so that he can then be trusted with greater things. Help him always hold fast to the ways that are good and right, establishing himself as a man worthy of his calling. Grow his love for You to be greater than his love for me or anything else on this earth. In that way he will become a man faithful in the marriage covenant and faithful in all his ways. In Jesus' name. Amen.