Prayer For Husband To Love Me

God of Consolation, I rejoice that even though I am suffering through the pain of my husband's unfaithfulness, there is hope and light at the end of this path. I am grateful that Your love increasingly abounds toward me in my time of grief. Lord, I pray that You will restore true love, true joy, and true intimacy between me and my husband. May his love and devotion for me be renewed. Help me to be forgiving and loving toward him. Amen.

Lord, my Blessed Hope, I am feeling insecure about my husband's love for me. He is choosing to spend his free time doing things with his friends or by himself. He doesn't seem to enjoy my company anymore. He doesn't appear interested in my life and activities. Dear Father, please restore his interest and love for me, so that he's once again engaging in my life and looking forward to spending time with me. Help me do my part to be an interesting and attractive companion. Amen.

Lord my Confidence, please restore the intimacy my husband and I once had. He is no longer tender or interested in physical affection and seems emotionally distant. Help me to express my sincere feelings for him and how much I care about the relationship and how serious I am about rescuing it. May he respond favorably and may the two of us explore ways to bring that intimacy back into our relationship. Amen.

Great High Priest, help me to broach with my husband the signs I've been seeing about his lack of love for me. Help me communicate calmly and sweetly, and may he feel free to share his own feelings. May this discussion be productive in bringing issues out that we need to confront and conquer. Help me to be proactive in dealing with my attitudes and words that may be quenching his love. Through open and honest discussion, may we renew our love for each other. Amen.

Lord my Strength, I need Your counsel as my husband seems to be drifting away. Help me not to speak or act in desperation and help me not to damage the relationship further. Help me to be intentional about treating him the way I would like to be treated. I know that things aren't the way they once were but guide me in doing what I need to do to save the relationship. Help me to compliment him and thank him for positive things he says and does, rather than being critical. Amen.

Author and Finisher of my faith, do a work in me and in my husband so that he falls in love with me again. Help me rekindle romance by giving attention to my appearance and cultivating inner beauty, treating him with respect, surprising him with little gifts or displays of affection, and avoiding behaviors that irritate him. Help us find ways to spend quality time having fun adventures together and building healthy communication skills. Amen.

God of Consolation, I often feel sad because my husband isn't demonstrating affection toward me as I would like; however, I confess that I am often distant and fail to give him the attention he is longing for. I ask You to guide me in understanding ways of showering love on him through words and actions that are meaningful to him. As he receives my unconditional love, may his love for me be set afire once again.

Lord my Creator, please create within me a clean heart and a clean mouth. I confess that I have damaged my husband's self-esteem and his love for me by talking rudely and abusively to him and embarrassing him in front of others. Lord, I'm ashamed of how I've allowed my words to build a wall between us. Help me cultivate gentle, kind, considerate, and loving speech that will open the door to him loving me once again. Amen.