Prayer For Husband Strength

Dear Lord, protect my husband from harm. He is the apple of Your eyes, therefore may You contend with those who contend with him. Amen.

My confidence is in the fact that God who we serve shall protect my husband from all evil. Even as he drives on the highway, no accident shall befall him. His going out and coming in are preserved, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Today, and as my husband goes out, he will be surrounded by the angels of the living God. They will give him protection, and he will not strike any of his feet against the stone.

I command anything difficult to be made easy for my husband. May every mountain melt before him, and may every valley be exalted in his case. He will never fail because the glory of the Lord shall attract success to him.

My husband's business will flourish; there will be no staleness in all his hands do. I speak speed into his life; he will overtake his enemies and will climb greater heights, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

I decree that my husband's life is filled with an abundance of favor. It shall be well with him in the morning and in the evening. The mercies of the Lord shall be his in all he does. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the life of my husband, and for the ability you've given him to be successful in all his ways. Today, may You cause his paths to be straight and not crooked. Lift him above his needs, in Jesus' Name.

Dear God,

I lift up my husband to You right now. I pray that You would anoint him with strength. I pray that he physically feels good today, capable of doing work. I pray for his mind, that You would keep him focused and protect him from the temptation of lust. I pray for his heart that he would dwell on You, that he would be joyful and content. I pray that he would carry a smile on his face! I pray that You would send him encouragement throughout the day, and use me to affirm him. Bless my husband in great ways, increase his faith and confidence in Jesus' name AMEN!