Prayer For Husband

Lord, money yields the greatest potential to cause problems in a home. Please give my husband wisdom as he seeks to honor You with finances. I praise You for the blessings You've provided and I pray that You would help him, help us, to always honor You first.

God, You have provided Your Word and I am so grateful. May Your Word guide my husband as the leader of our home. May his leadership skills be empowered by your wisdom. I trust that You will lead in his hand and heart in our relationship, his work, our home, community and church.

Lord, You are gracious and merciful, yet You are all-powerful and understanding. This world can be a fearful place and I pray that You would give my husband courage. Lord, infuse his character with courage for daily decisions and the difficult ones as well.

God, would You heal the wounds of my husband's heart? You've promised healing to those who submit to You. Lord, please smooth the scars of past hurts and brokenness. May Your healing permeate his being, inside and out.

Father, I praise You for my husband, Your unique creation. Please guard his heart and mind, Jesus. Protect him from temptation and fill him up with the good things he needs. You've promised to fill his soul with what he needs and I ask You to do just that.

Lord, I pray that You would bless my husband's work. That he would be diligent and prosperous. That You would give him wisdom and discernment. God, I pray You would give him strength to walk the opportunities you provide. Thank you, Lord.

Dear God, It says in the Bible that it is not good for a man to be alone and Lord, it is not good for a woman to be alone either. You made us to be joined as one and to be united in love, and I pray that you will bring into my life a loving husband that is just right for me, a husband that I can cherish.
Lord, You made men and women to be joined as one in the bond of marriage, and I pray that You give me a good and godly man that will be able to be my spiritual protector. Please give me patience, Lord, to wait for Your good timing.
Thank You Lord,

Thank You, Lord, for my wonderful husband and for bringing this person whom I love so dearly into my life. I just want to praise You that we are together and that he loves and cares for me in such a special way. Thank You that You have given him to me, both to love and cherish for the rest of our days.
Enable me to be the wife that You would have me be, both submissive and encouraging, a helper and comforter, a confident and a friend. With each passing year, may we grow ever closer to each other and to You.
Dear God, I thank You for my husband. I thank You for letting this man come into and complete my life. I delight in making him happy and caring for him. I am so grateful for how he loves me and cares for me. You know that there are days that we get on each other's nerves, but today, I'm so grateful that this man completes my life and that You have given him to me to love and cherish all the days of my life.