Prayer For Hurricane Irma

That all victims of natural disasters, especially those we have experienced in
the U.S. in the past month, may find God's comfort in their suffering, and
help each other survive their devastation, we pray

For the survivors of Hurricane Harvey, and for those who have survived the
initial impact of Hurricane Irma, that our prayers may rise up like incense
for their safety, we pray

For those who have contributed their prayers to God, for relief of the
suffering of thousands who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and
Hurricane Irma, that they will continue their prayers and not give up hope in
God, we pray

For those who have volunteered to serve their brothers and sisters affected
by hurricanes, that they may remain strong, dedicated to service, and wise in
their decisions, we pray

For those who are in hospitals, those who suffer from mental illness, and
those who may be born during these times of suffering, that they may know
the help of comforting strangers and be led to places of safety, we pray

That those who suffer homelessness, whether temporary or permanent, as a
result of the turmoil from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, will know hope from
trust in the Holy Spirit, we pray

For those who are in the path of destruction--whether from Hurricane
Harvey or those who will be affected by Hurricane Irmawill not lose hope
and feel helpless, we pray to the Lord,

God of wind, water, and fire,

we come in prayer for those who are in danger

and whose lives are forever changed

because of the storms in the Atlantic and around the world.

Tame the natural forces of chaos and destruction that defy control

and rock and endanger life by their fury.

Give us the wisdom to speak truthfully

and not call disasters your actions or divine justice.

Nurture our faith so that we come to rely more and more upon you and

on your loving kindness which knows no bounds or decay,

and to trust your power, which in Jesus Christ stilled storms,

raised the dead,

and silenced the destructive and frenzied powers.