Prayer For Heavy Burden

Dear God,

The battle feels intense some days. We feel tired, weary and worn. It's hard to keep going in the face of defeat. But help us to remember that you will never leave us. You are our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in trouble. We know that the enemy wouldn't be fighting so hard against us if we weren't making a difference for your Kingdom. He wouldn't be trying so hard to stop us if he didn't think you had so much good still in store.

Remind us that the battle belongs to you, and whatever we're up against is never too big for you. Help us to trust you more, to stop wasting time spinning our wheels and wrestling in our own strength. Please forgive us Lord for the times we've failed to come to you first. Please fill us again with the power and refreshing of your Holy Spirit. Fill us with your joy, with your peace and strength. We're reminded that in you alone is true rest for our souls.

We love you and we need you, today and every day.

In Jesus' Name,


Holy One, Your Word asks us, if by worrying we can add an extra day to our lives? The truth is no, the burdens of our heart do not benefit us spiritually, physically or emotionally; so please help us to let go of them. Father help us to remain calm in our storms. Help us to see past the raging seas and see that You are our God. You are in control, You see the aches of our heart and You have the power to take them so that we can be free. Have Your divine way in our lives, in Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.

Eternal Friend, I cast all my anxieties to You because I know that You care for me! I thank You for being my Counselor and for being the sharer of my burden. With you the burden is light because of Your love for me. I thank You for loving me and thank You for helping me feel whole again. I pray that Your peace surrounds me for the rest of my days, this I pray, Amen.

Glory be to God in the highest! Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End. You are our awesome Father. We praise You in spite of how we have been feeling. Lord, we praise You because You have promised us the victory. If You are for us, who can ever be against us? Lord, because of You, we have the victory over our situation. Father, we will not let our burdened hearts dictate our victory; this is the prayer of our hearts, Amen.

Dear Lord, although at time we may be afraid, but heavenly Father, we put our trust in You. Your Word declares, Blessed is the one who trusts in You, whose confidence is in You'. So, Father, we know that we are blessed! We may be low and weary, but You lift us up, You have the power to make all things new so we do not have to accept our current state. You are our God, You are our help and You are our peace! Amen

Oh God, my heart is heavy right now, but I trust You with it. I do not have a lot to offer right now, but Lord I give You my whole heart, and I no longer want to lean on my own knowledge and understanding because this is what has caused me to feel burdened. I know that in all things You work for the good of those who love You, who have been called according to Your purpose. So thank You Lord, Amen.

Righteous One, I pray that You help me through the pain that I feel. I pray against this heavy burden and ask for strength to let go of it. I know that I can do all thing through You who strengthens me, so I plead for Your strength. It is only by Your grace that I can be free from the sadness that weighs me down. I look to You Father, and I receive what I have asked for in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Oh Lord, hear my heart right now I pray. Life is hard, but Your Word has told me multiple times that hardship is temporary, but joy is promised to Your children. So Father, I thank You that this heavy burden I feel is only temporary, I believe that my heart will be made whole again by You for with You nothing is or ever shall be impossible. Thank You in advance for my joy, Amen.