Prayer For Healing Fibroids

I recover every organ in my body from the hands of household wickedness, in the name of Jesus.

I bind and render useless every strongman assigned to my womb, reproductive system and marital life, in the name of Jesus.

Father, I ask You in the name of Jesus Christ, to send out Your angels and have them unearth and destroy all evil storage vessels fashioned against me.

Father God, you r the God whom I praise and worship..thank u so much in difficult moments u never failed many prayers answered by Your greatness and loveyou knw Lord my innermost
Desire for healing..I am diagnosed to have 12.5 cm fibroids in my
Uterus causing me to have this chronic anemia and heavy menstruation and dysmenorrhea ..the thoughts of having an operation had caused me to worry and afraid of the possible consequences but then I found myself meditating about how much love u showed me..of all those trials and hardships u were always there for are always faithful Lord..and whatever happens , u have ur own purposeLord help me to be strong enough to handle this situation I'm facing right r the God of healing..and your greatness and power reaches up to heaven..I pray for a complete the name of Jesus.. As u said in John 14:14.. If you ask for anything in my name.. I will do it. Lord I trust u Lord..I am healed amen..

you are my strength, you bring me peace when my mind wonders and worries in fear of my pain and the unkown. You are my great physician, you knit me in my mothers womb and gently and lovingly created my reproductive system for your will.
Guide me lord to make healthy choices to eat the right foods and physical activities to strengthen and heal my body. I now have more desire to have a child when the time is right lord and i have great faith that you will allow me to concieve when the time is right.
Father, continue to hold my hand as i build my faith and read your holy scriptures. I pray that when i go for my ultrasound in 2 days, the cysts will be shrinking. Lord you know i dont want to take BC anymore but the Dr. Has prescribed it to me again. Please guide me to make the best decision.
Lord forgive me of any sins that may be hindering my healing lord. I rebuke any demonic forces that are physically and mentally trying to keep me in fear and in pain. For you are my GOD you are my STRENGTH you are my HEALER and i am being healed at this moment. May the blood of jesus christ flow through my body for healing. Glory be to God! ♡♡♡♡
In Jesus name I pray AMEN

All Mighty Father; oh the Creator of Heaven and the Earth. I humbly come to your presence and glorify your name.

Though I am unmarried man. I know the pain of all your daughters specifically when not being able to bear a child as a part of your blessing because of problem in reproductive system.

Father use your power of healing to glorify your name for those who desperately need it. Lord Jesus heal every abnormalities that your daughters are facing in their reproductive system with power of your blood. For in you we put our trust because you are the only true owner of your flesh and spirit. Lord please, open the womb of every infertile women. Therefore, they can spread your love and care to their own children.

May the healing come in the most Holy name of Jesus. Amen

I too recently found out I have Fibroids at my 12week Ultrasound. The pain is unbearable and I can not take anything to manage the pain because I am pregnant. Father God, I Thank you for allowing me to carry baby #3. I Thank you in advance that although I am in severe pain that my baby can not feel this pain and that she remains healthy. I ask you that even by a Miracle if you can wipe away my pain from Fibroids. Please make the Fibroids go away so that my uterus may be healthy again for my baby girl to grow in. I know it is so. Amen

heavenly father i come before you.i wnat to thank you for my life i surrender to you and ask of you to heal me holy ghost fire enter my body and cleanse my reproductive system to the way i was when i was born.. make me whole fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus you are cleansed today from any disease any deformity any complications.. any failure in your function..

god you made my body and the reproductive system i come against any evil incantations,deposits or items..issues that may have entered my body knowing or unknowingly and i command that in jesus name they leave right now and never return again because i am the temple of the holy spirit i declare that my ovaries,uterus,pelvis and tubes are normal and functionl now and are whole and i praise glorify and lift up your name o god amen