Prayer For Healing A Broken Family

Lord our Banner, I ask that You bless me and my children as we move into a new life following this painful breakup of our family. Give us the strength to stand together and be loving and affirming to one another. Provide a good place for us to live and provide for our financial needs. Mend our broken hearts and restore our souls. May we always place You as the Chief Cornerstone of this family. Amen.

Dear God,
I ask that you rebuild this family. Give us peace within and the strength to come together and find the love we let slip through our fingers. I ask that you cover our offsprings eyes as this evil is being casted onto our family. I ask that you work on me, Lord make me over, make me a better person. Work on him, Lord make him over. Please dont let Satan take my family. If it's not in your will Lord I pray that you give us the strength to move forward and heal our hearts.

I pray in your name,

Father God,
I pray that you would restore my family and my marriage. Pls let my husband love me again.Dont let the enemy ruin my family and my marriage. Bless him to be the man you want him to be. Pls soften his heart . I pray for wisdom for my husband Raguraman K .May the Holy Spirit guide him and Keep him away from temptations.
Lord , help him to realize his mistakes and to repent for all his sins.
We need you Lord! Heal him and set him free from bondage. U know what to do . Pls take over his life! I surrender you my husband Raguraman K ! Help me to be strong and trust you!
You are my refuge and my strength!

I love you Lord !
I'm praying these prayers in the name of Jesus

God I pray that you bring Kamya back home to me. I love her and I miss her so much, Lord. A lot of things are not fair and this trial seems long and hard. God I have all my faith in you. Lord thank you for working on all things in my life to make it better for me and my family. God thank you for all the blessings and the things and people that I have in my life. God I pray that you restore my soul, my heart, my family, better relationships, my life. God you are an amazing God. In Jesus name Amen.

Lord Jesus, I pray for this family to get United and live in peace.
I am praying God to help both souls in this family to get all the happiness together and they praise you for guiding them back and start living together. I am praying to shower blessings on this family and to their child and children comes along. Whatever reason, they are separated, God forgive them. I ask in the name of Jesus. Hear our Prayer.

Father god i come to u because u are almighty u are in control.i put before you my girl friend brenda and my two daughters aubree and arianna that you be with them and u restore love for one another.break the chains the enemy has put on my family.father god you are a loving father and you said ask and i shall asking you today to restore my family and guide us to serve u as one.i leave everything to you father jesus name amen.

My Precious God,

I humbly pray to you that you forgive me of my sins. I pray to you for your endless mercy and compassion. Gracious God, I ask that you, through your powers of love and right, restore my relationship with my little baby girl's mother.

I ask that you soften her stubbornness and open her eyes and heart to the true love she has for my. This woman, my Lord, is the one woman that showed me there is such as thing as a soul mate. This woman made me realize there is such a thing as a love made by God himself.

I ask you, gracious God, that you right this wrong that Satan has brought into my life. Please, oh Lord, bring back this woman that I love more than life itself. Bring our family back together again. Remove this instrument of Satan that he used to tear our family apart.

My God, I know you are all about family. And I know you smiled at our union. I ask you to bring about reconciliation so that we may be allowed to continue this journey we started before Satan interfered. Hear my cries of sorrow. Heal my heart and removed this burden by bringing my one true love back and bringing us back together as a family.

In your name, and the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I pray.

Dear Lord,

You are the ever knowing God. You see what's in our hearts, you hear what's in our mind even before we speak. You know every aspect of my life Lord. I ask you Lord Jesus to heal my family from the brokenness that we are experiencing now. I ask you Lord to heal the gap that is drifting my husband away from our family. I ask You Lord Jesus to touch him so he will realize the consequences of his actions. That he will realize our family's worth.

God, good Lord, please heal my family. Bring us back together Lord, be in our midst and heal each one of us from the pain of being separated and away from each other. Bring back the love we once have. I ask you too Lord Jesus to heal my broken heart. Heal the seething pain in my heart brought about by my husbands negligence and disregard for me and my family. Lord God, I know i am not perfect, i have my mistakes and shortcomings. But you know dear God the sincerety of my heart.

Please good Lord, heal me from this pain. help me to accept things as You will them to be. Help me to learn to forgive and endure all these pain I am feeling now. and strengthen my faith in you Lord that at the end of the day, You will take care of me and my family. Carry us Lord. In Your Holy name. Amen.