Prayer For Green Card Approval

Loving Lord, I am in the process of applying for a Visa and I ask You to be with me throughout this whole process. Help me Lord to be careful, so that I complete the forms correctly, wisely and without any mistakes. And Lord, give me the patience to wait Your perfect timing.

Lord, You know that reason that I need to get this visa processed and I ask You to look favourably on my application. I pray that You will look graciously on me and as I prepare to go far from my homeland, my friends and family, and I ask that You will give me the courage I need to step out into this new life. Guide me as I make preparations for the task in hand.

Comfort my parents and family as I prepare to travel to work abroad, and I pray that You will be very close to them, knowing that they will find it difficult to have me living so far from home. I pray that in Your grace, You will enable me not only to keep in regular contact, but to be able to visit my family from time to time.

Thank You, Lord, for this opportunity, and I pray that at the right time my visa will be granted. Thank You Lord.


Heavenly Father, I come before You today, knowing that I have been contacted to attend a visa interview. I pray that You would go before me and be with me throughout the whole process.

Give me wisdom as to how I should answer the questions, and I pray that You would remove any obstacles that may cause an unnecessary delay in the processing of this visa application.

I know the many problems that can arise during such an interviews, but I trust that in Your mercy, and ask that I would find grace in the eyes of the interviewers, so that the visa authorisation will be completed speedily.

Father, I know that nothing happens that is outside of Your authority and control and I thank You for the confidence I have in You, knowing that You will be with me during this interview, to lead and guide. And so into Your hands I place this need, in Jesus' name,


Loving Heavenly Father, I thank You that You are in control of every situation of our lives and that You know every one of our needs, as well as the dear desires of our heart.

Lord, You have promised that, before they call I will answer, and so I am calling on You today to please answer this prayer request of mine for my visa application to be approved.

Lord, You know how important it is for me to get this application approved and You understand the difficulties that have arisen, as well as the problematic delays that so often happen when seeking visa approval.

I pray that in Your grace and mercy, You would allow this application to be approved quickly and without delay. Thank You that You are a God Who hears and answers the prayers of Your children when we come to You with open hands and a humble heart. I pray in Jesus' name,


Lord Jesus, I ask for Your help with my visa application and interview. There are so many complicated things to do that I am afraid that I will complete it, only to find that I have done it incorrectly.

Give me wisdom and understanding to fill it out correctly the first time and not to make any mistakes, and help me to prepare for the interview.

Guide me in all that I say and help me to trust You throughout the whole process, for You have promised to help us in our weaknesses and to supply all our needs, according to Your riches in glory. Thank You Jesus,


Dear Lord Jesus, I ask that You would intervene in a wonderful way for my fianc's visa approval, which seems to be taking such a long time, in getting the necessary consent.

Lord I confess that I am afraid that something will go wrong that will prevent approval from being granted, which would cause us both so much heartache, and so Lord I ask that You would grant that it will go through this vetting process, without any further problems or delay.

Help me to trust You in this matter. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak, and too often fear rises in my heart that approval will be denied, but I know that You are in control and pray that it will be granted speedily.

Help us both to rest in You and allow Your perfect peace to flood our hearts, as we wait for the proper approval, trusting You to undertake. This I ask in Jesus' name,


Gracious Heavenly Father, we pray that You would grant the exit visa we so desperately need to get out of the country to go through without any problems.

Lord, You know the dangers that we face here and we pray that in Your grace, You would enable this request for an exit visa to be granted without any further questions or delays.

Lord, we are trusting our lives into Your hand and pray for Your mercy and strength. This we ask in the precious name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ,


Loving Heavenly Father, I thank You for the wonderful opportunity You have given me to work abroad and thank You for the amazing way that You have opened up this job for me. You are worthy of all my praise and thanks.

I pray that You would now undertake for the approval of my employment visa application. I ask that it would be processed and approved speedily and without any obstacles or unnecessary delays.

I pray that You would prepare me for the work that I have been called to do and that You would equip me in every way to carry out this assignment to Your praise and glory. This I ask in Jesus' name,


Dear God,

My husband and I had our green card interview through marriage on January 22, 2013. We love each other so much and we got married in good faith. I pray and ask for a miracle that we'll get approved and be granted a green card. I pray that my green card would arrive in the mail this week or next week the latest. I really need your help in this matter.

In Jesus' name.