Prayer For Good Results On Medical Tests

Lord, Jehovah, prayer for good test resultsGod of Healing, we come to you today, to lift up a dear one who needs You.

You knit each of us together in the womb. You know every cell in our bodies and the whole path of our lives.

Nothing comes as a surprise to You, Creator God of all things.

You are not bothered by technology, or our time table. You already know the grace that this dear one needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

You already know the outcome of this situation, and are prepared to meet every need.

Oh, dear Abba, this dear one needs to know that and feel that today. To know that before this medical problem even came up, that You were already there, preparing the way, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Dear Father, it is so hard not to lean on our own understanding. We try to plot every possible scenario, and fix everything. We are so frail, and so human.

Yet all this time, Lord, You have been carrying this dear one. There is nothing to plan, to fix, to figure out. When you are in the Shepherd's arms, you do one thing rest!

Lord Jesus, help us all to be still and know that you are God. The God of our cells.

Lord, You confound the wise. Right now, what seems like an undeniable, scientific medical fact, is an opportunity to confound the wisdom of science with a good result on this medical test. We pray for that.


Dear God if i have sinned, kindly forgive me. i do have faith and also plead with you that you help me. God i am praying for good lab results tomorrow. this will only be possible throu Christ our Lord who I do believe in

i am also praying for my sons examination also tomorrow

God i am begging you. please I will continue to serve and worship you.
Please answer my prayers. this i ask through Christ our Lord Jesus Christ . Amen

Dear Lord, I am here kneeling down before you and praying that my laboratory medical test will be all normal My Lord. That is for my family. They needed me my Lord and My God. Forgive me if i am a sinful lady. I will promise you My Lord to be faithful and will nit sin nomore. Make miracle My Lord what you've done in the wedding of Cana. Let your blood flow in my blood My Lird In the intercession of Mother Mary through Christ our Lord Amen.

Gracious God, as I wait for the results of this testing, I pray that You would build up my trust in You. Help me have that childlike faith, believing in Your mercy and Your great power, so that no matter whether I get a good report or a bad one, I know it'll be okay. Lord, You are my help and my deliverer. May You be magnified in my life. Amen.

God our Father, You are God who loves me. I thank You for the many blessings You have given me.
In loving trust I place myself before You.
Let Your healing fill my life.

Give me the strength to understand what these anxieties of these medical tests mean for my life whatever the outcome of them. Forgive my failures in carrying the cross. I beseech You humbly for (mention the type of medical test) to have a good outcome (mention the desired outcome), if it be Your Holy Will. The Saints and Blesseds whom I admire and love give me an example of patient suffering. Supported, then, by their prayers, I ask that the present stress, tension and suffering I endure may be a source of life both now and for ever.
I make this prayer through Christ, Your Son.

Lord, I believe you are sovereign over my health.

I know that my body is not my own; it belongs to you. You created me with such love and care.

You know me intimately, down to the smallest cell.

But because of sin, my body is imperfect. It is prone to fail and malfunction in a million different ways that could impact, or even threaten, my life.

So right now, I pray that the results of this medical test would come back favorably.

I pray that you would bless me with good health; motivate me to take all the necessary steps to care for my body.

Father God, you alone are able to fix all that is wrong in my body. But no matter what happens, help me to persevere because of the hope that I have in you.

In addition, give my loved ones peace of mind; I am sure that they are worried about me.

But surround them with your comfort, and help them to know that you are in control of it all. I'm not sure how this whole thing is going to pan out.

I can't see into the future, as you do.

But one step at a time, I am putting my trust in you.

And so for this test, I pray for your miraculous, healing power.

I praise you for all that you have done and for all you will do.

And it is in the powerful name of Christ I pray. Amen.

My Lord of Loving Devotion, I am so nervous about these test results. Please deliver me from these deep waters of anxiety. I know that worrying will not add a single day to my life. Please come to my aid now and cover me with Your peace that passes understanding. Help me to turn all my anxieties over to You, for You are always with me. Help me to rest in You. Amen.

God my Healer, as I'm awaiting the results of this lab work, I ask in the Name of Jesus that I receive a positive report. You know that I have been leaning in on You for full and complete healing of this problem, and I am standing on Your Word in this matter. My eyes look to You in hope and love, waiting for Your deliverance. Amen.