Prayer For Good Luck On Job Interview

Loving Father, you know my future. You make all things work together for my good. Help me to trust you as I go to my interview. Whatever the outcome, I know that you are still working for my good and your glory. Help me to do my best, knowing that my future is in your mighty hand. I do not know what is around the corner but nothing can take you by surprise. I face uncertainty but I can be certain that you are in control and that you are good. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the job opportunities that have come my way and praise You for your provision. I pray that this interview will go smoothly, please reach inside me and still my spirit and nerves. Help me to showcase my unique talents and experience when I answer the questions asked.

I pray that I will have your favor among the other applicants if this job is meant for me. Even if this job interview doesn't work out, I'm still trusting you to provide the right job for me. You are my provider and you know what I need more than I do. In your name I pray. Amen.

Dear Father, Thank you that you are with me and I am safe in you. I place this job interview into your wise hands. Help me to walk without fear into this challenge, Lord, may my skills, attitude and enthusiasm shine out. I ask for the presence of your Spirit in the interview room, Come guide and direct my paths, my words and my answers. Thank you that you are with me always. Amen.

Dear Lord, Help me to give of my best today in this interview. Wrap me in your loving arms when I feel insecure. Hold me in your steady embrace when I feel nervous. Help me to understand the questions I am asked, And answer in a honest and inspired way. In the interview, I pray you would show me if this is the right job for me. I am your servant and I seek to do your will on this earth. Lead me in your paths and guide me into all truth. I ask all this in the beautiful name of Jesus My Saviour and friend. Amen.

Heavenly Father, you are the God of peace which surpasses understanding. As I approach this job interview, please calm my anxiety and soothe my fears. Give me your peace in my soul. May I approach every part of the interview with the assurance that comes from your peace. I have nothing to fear when you are with me. If you are for me, who can be against me? Remind my worried mind of your presence and your power. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

All-powerful God, I pray that you would give me success in my job interview. Give me confidence Lord, to speak clearly, and to answer the questions with wisdom. My confidence in life is not based on my own strength or performance but it is rooted in you. You are with me, you never leave my side. I can enter the interview with confidence because you are there with me. Everything I need is found in you. Please grant me a successful outcome. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Dear loving God who is in heaven, I come before you this morning to seek for your face, thank you for your love and care, thank you for giving me an opportunity to call upon you, you know dear Lord what am going through, have really looked for a job but can't find, I know you have one for me somewhere, open my eyes so that I can be able to spot it, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe.amen

Heavenly Father, through the mighty name of Jesus,I want to thank you for the marvelous love that you have shown to me at this hour when am setting out to search for a job,may your favor be upon me and those will meet on the way. Thank you for going before me ,I give you honor and glory in the name of our Lord Jesus.Amen