Prayer For Friend Going Through Divorce

Most gracious Jesus, we come to your throne of grace today, humbly, because you are God, but also boldly, because you've made us your beloved people. Our guilt is gone, because of your work on the cross for us. Our quest for righteousness is over, for your righteousness is now counted as ours. And one by one, our fears are being driven far away from us, as your love continues to fill our hearts. It's enough to make us want to dance before you. But today, instead of dancing we come with heavy hearts and bold requests.

Jesus, we bring struggling married friends before you today, who, apart from a great work of your Spirit, seem destined for divorce. We certainly don't come with condescending attitudes, for we know marriage is the most demanding of all relationships. And we don't come claiming to know or understand all the issues in each of these fractured relationships.

We simply implore you, Jesus, for your name's sake and glory, come near to our friends; preach peace to their hearts; destroy the hostilities which have sabotaged their marriages. Make peace and bring reconciliation. Nothing else has worked so far. All the counselingthe marriage retreats, the time spent in late night conversations, listening and pleading. We have no other resources but youthe God who raises the dead.

Please, Jesus, as a demonstration of the beauty of the gospel; for the welfare of the children; for the encouragement of other marriages in our churches; for the spreading of your fame in our larger community, intervene in these marriages. You have come to set captives free; free these spouses from unbelief, pride, and willfulness. You have come as a great healer; bring undeniable healing to the wounds in these marriages. Broken vows, broken trust, broken heartsno one is sufficient for these things but you, Jesus.

We will wait upon you, Jesus, and continue to be present and committed to our friends. But do what you alone can do, we humbly and boldly ask in your powerful name.

God be with my friend during this difficult times, protect him from all harm that may come his way, put him under your wings, cover him with your blood, may your angel walk with him where ever he goes, protect his kids from the evil of this world. Give him strength and wisdom to make the right decisions, all in Jesus name.