Prayer For Family Prosperity

Heavenly Father, we thank you and bless you, that in this life you have already provided all that we can ask or need.

Thank you Father, that your provision is not based on our efforts, but on the inheritance given to us by the death of Jesus Christ.

Thank you that your heart is always for us. Your promises towards us are Yes and Amen.

We thank you that it is already done. And, by our agreement with this truth, we speak for the manifestation of the inheritance of the saints to all those in need.

Father above, I pray to You in total subservience today about my life. Lord, I need Your divine help in granting me financial independence. I pray that you remove me from the clutches of incapability and thatYou provide me with all the earnings that I'll use to take care of both myself, my loved ones, and all of Your Beloved for the rest of my life. Father, I need You to fix my life so that I'll not be caught wanting. Instead, I'll fulfill my roles in all needed areas of my life. I thank You God for the opportunity to have this prayer and for the forthcoming blessings, I exalt Your name and In Jesus Na

Father, I'm here before You today because I want You to perform a miracle in my life. At this point, I cannot do it alone and even if I could, it cannot be compared to Your deeds. I walk in Your sight and I can personally testify to the other miracles in my life. God, I pray for financial release in the form of employment/my business. I pray that You lift my head so that I may stand proud as one of Your children. I want You to make me a living testimony and shame the enemies who doubted Your great works in my life. I thank You Oh God My Father, and In Jesus Name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, Your name leaves my lips daily in reverence of Your strength and unconditional love. Your undivided attention has been on me since I was in my mother's womb and because You favoured me so, I was delivered into this world safe and sound. Lord, I ask that as You have been caring for me, You continue to do so. I want You to take the wheel of my life because nothing but Your blessings, favour, and love can suffice again. Lord, I ask for the double of Elisha's blessing and I want to be Your favourite amongst millions. Be with me Oh Lord and let Your gaze waver not from me/my household. I glorify You El-Shaddai and In Jesus Name I've prayed, Amen.

Oh Lord in Heaven, I come before You today for the sake of prosperity and protection. You're the protector of Daniel and the benefactor of the Israelites. Father, bless me so that I may prosper in all the things I do in my life. I shall prosper financially, spiritually, and health-wise by Your will. Oh God, I pray You also protect me so that I will live a long and fruitful life In Jesus Name. All the blessings You shower upon me, no manner of enemy will collect it because I have Your divine protection. I thank You for Your presence today, and In Jesus Name I've Prayed.

Dear God the Father, I praise and glorify you. I pray that You help me in my studies. I know that You want me, Your child, to prosper in all my endeavours.

Give me Your knowledge and wisdom as I study for my lessons and exams. Let me learn my lessons properly and understand them completely. I pray that I overcome all my academic weaknesses. Take control of my thoughts.

Bless me with this, O Lord, for your greater glory. Let me be a blessing to my family that I love so much. I thank You in advance for answering my prayer.

In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

Father, I thank you that your ministering spirits (angels) are free to minister
for me and bring in the necessary finances. Father, I confess you are a
very present help in trouble, and you are more than enough. I confess,
God, that you are able to make all grace - every favor and earthly blessing -
come to me in abundance, so that I am always, and in all circumstances,
furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation.

Father, in the Name of your Son Jesus, I confess your Word over my
finances this day. As I do this, I say it with my mouth and believe it in my
heart and know that your word will not return to you void, but will
accomplish what it says it will do. Therefore I believe, in the Name of
Jesus, that every need is met according to Philippians 4:19. I believe that
because I have given tithes and offerings to further your cause, Father,
gifts will be given to me, good measure, pressed down, shaken together,
and running over will they pour into my bosom. For with the measure I deal
out, it will be measured back to me. Father, you have delivered me out of
the authority of darkness into the Kingdom of your dear Son. Father, I have
taken my place as your child. I thank you that you have assumed your
place as my Father and have made your home with me. You are taking
care of me and even now you are enabling me to walk in love and in
wisdom, and to walk in the fullness of fellowship with your Son Jesus.
Satan, I bind you from my finances, according to Matthew 18:18, and loose
you from your assignment against me, in the Name of Jesus.