Prayer For Family Member

We also pray that You would restore the bonds that have been broken with some of our family members. We know, God, that there is nothing You would want more than feuding relatives to reconcile with each other. But we also admit, Lord, that we cannot do this on our own. For that, we ask Your Holy Spirit to surround us with Your love. May we be filled to the brim with love, that it may overflow and we may share it with our families. Allow us to be instruments of Your blessings to them. In due time, Lord, let our relationships also be restored. All these we pray in Your Name, Amen.

Dear God, we commit to you those in our families who have fallen sick. We believe that you are our Healer, our Great Physician. May You be the comfort of our family members who are physically in pain right now. Touch them with Your Healing Hands, Lord. Send forth your Word and heal their diseases. Let Your healing power flow through every cell of their bodies.

Loving Father, we also ask that you heal the members of our families who are hurting emotionally. Their affliction is not physical, but we know that they are also in pain. Give them comfort as well, God. Give them the peace that transcends understanding. Heal their hearts, Lord, which may be full of anger, hatred, strife, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Clear their minds of any doubt, anxiety, or depression. Renew in them a peaceful spirit, Lord. Amen.

Guide our way, Lord, as we go on with our lives today. Also, be our shield as we go back home later. May you always preserve the bond that we have as a family, and may we look forward to seeing each other once again at home.

Guard our home as well, God, that no harm will fall on it as we are away. May it continue to be a sanctuary of blessing, comfort, and love for each one of us. Let it always be a restful place for our tired bodies at the end of the day.

Continue to protect us, Lord, as we rest at night. Allow no intruders or calamities to disturb my home tonight. I trust in your mighty power to keep me and my family safe from any form of evil. In Your Name, I ask all these things, Amen.

Father God, we come before You today to ask for your protection over our families. Let no trouble fall on them today. Keep them away from accidents. Allow no evil to influence their hearts. Cover them with the precious blood of Christ. Take charge over them so that they do not strike their foot against a stone.

We may not be with our families all the time today, but I trust that You, Lord, are always with them. Keep them safe today and allow them to give glory to You further. Give them peace of mind so that they may not worry about anything. Guard their hearts so that they may only display love instead of hate, anger, or bitterness. Amen

Lord Jesus Christ, I come before you today with a prayer for my sick family members. I give You thanks for Your unending love for [name of the person who needs healing]. I know You are aware of their illness and what it is doing to them. I pray that you may have compassion and heal them from their ailments.

Jesus our Lord, we all know that we are not worthy to receive You but only say a word and all our sickness shall be healed. Lord, forgive us and cleanse us from our sins. Your Holy Word says that when You healed those who were sick, You did that by forgiving them their sins.

The Holy Bible tells us that whatever we shall ask in Your Name shall be given. The blind man, Bartimaeus called out Your name and begged to see again, and You restored his sight. Jesus, today I come to You in prayer shouting in faith to you that You restore [names of sick family members] health.

Teach me and them gratitude so that after they receive the healing, I and they may come back to You in prayer to thank you for healing my sick family members.

Jesus Christ, You have taught us about patience through the Holy Spirit. I know that not everyone can be healed. If that is the case, let your peace descend upon [names of sick family members] and keep their hearts at peace, help them to understand your plan for them.

Raphael the Archangel, patron Saint of Healing pray for [names of sick family members]. Amen.

According to your word of God in the book of Ephesians 3:14-15 the name of my family springs from you let it be impossible for evil powers to destroy my family in Jesus name.

Heavenly Father I thank you for the family I am born into. I thank you that it is the greatest choice you made for me. I ask that you keep my family from all forms of evil in Jesus. God, I pray that your presence never departs from my family and that your purpose for my family be established. Let my family solve all the problems we face. May the plan of the devil to steal, kill and destroy never succeed against any member of my family. I declare that in my family everyone will grow in the knowledge of the Lord. God, I pray for strength to my family members. In Jesus name. Amen.

Heavenly Father,

Protect Name as he/she goes out, give them a safe passage to their destination. Comfort him/her and give him/her peace of mind, body and spirit. I loose angels of protection to surround Name as he/she walks or drives. I plead the blood of Jesus over Name and declare that no weapon formed against him/her shall prosper. Father, God. I thank you for your love, grace, understanding and mercy. I thank you, Lord Jesus for being my light in the darkness, Thank you for protecting my family, friends and loved ones. I even thank you for my enemies; for they are the reason I draw more closer to you! For this i thank you, and i give you PRAISE and all the GLORY!!!

In Jesus name