Prayer For Eagle Scout Court Of Honor

Dear Lord, from your judgment seat on high, Look down on a Scoutmaster such as I. Search me through and find me whole, Then help me, Lord, to reach my goal. Help me, Lord, to work for Thee, Guard my homelandkeep it free. Help me to work with others and be kind, Helpful with my hands and mind. Keep me, Lord, both well and strong, To help growing boys along. Control my thoughts, keep them right, Sound, clean weapons for life's fight. Protect my morals, keep them high, Grant this to a Scouter such as I.

Your importance in our lives, O God, is reflected in our gifts. We return to you, through the ministry and outreach of this church, a portion of all that you have entrusted to us. We promise that these offerings will not be the end of our giving. We will also invest our time and abilities in your work of healing, comforting, teaching, guiding, and proclaiming good news. Bless each gift, whatever its size, and multiply the good to be done through our talents and treasure. Amen.

Almighty God, creator of us all; grant us the patience to wait and listen to your voice. Help us not to seek the answers in the silence of prayer, but rather let your thoughts, God, travel to us and through us as we dare to ascend your mountain of law, your holy hill of truth. O God, how thankful we are that you have come into our lives through the Holy Spirit. You know, Lord, that we're not perfect, that we want to improve. Show us where we can. We pray today for God's childrenall the children of the world. May they find peace and love in their families and schools and learn the love of Jesus Christ for each and every one of them through our lives as we interact with them on a daily basis. We also pray for our young people, who are seeking a cause which is worthy of their life's commitment and a leader who is deserving of their devotion. We know that our youth must deal with a host of options. So, we pray that they may choose Jesus Christ. We pray you will be with our Scouts as they continue to follow the Scout law and work toward being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

O God our Creator and Father, we thank you for the gift of Scouting, by which you form young persons to be servants and leaders. And we thank you especially for ___, for the mentors and friends who have helped him, and for the hard work you have helped him perform to earn the highest rank in Scouting as an Eagle Scout.

May you continue to help him, and all who witness this ceremony today, to do our duty to God and our country; To help other people at all times; To keep ourselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, as we strive to be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

In all these virtues, may we always seek to embody the values of Jesus Christ our Savior, and imitate him as our Lord. For it is in his Name we pray. Amen.

Dear God, Spirit of Life and Love,
Creator of the mountains and the forests,
It is good to be gathered here on the occasion of N receiving his/her/their Eagle Scout Award.
We are thankful for the service he/she/they has/have given to his/her/their troop/crew/ship, community and council.
We are thankful for all those who made this day possible: merit badge counselors, unit leaders, fellow scouts, and most importantly for his/her/their family, parents' names, siblings names, for the trail to Eagle is often hard and lonely.
We are thankful for his/her/their Eagle project, name of project.
But most importantly we are thankful for N's scouting career.
May all that is holy hear our prayers. Amen

Dear God,

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor marks the end of one journey, and the commitment to another: a commitment to better Scouting where all may participate, a commitment to better citizenship, and a commitment to be an example of leadership to all.

Bless all of <_____> and <_____> future endeavors. Walk with them wherever their lives take them and give them your strength, your compassion, your wisdom, and your love.

And may all of us gathered here be committed to Scouting's ideals which instruct us to lead better lives. May we, like <_____> and <_____>, always follow our own trails, discovering who we are by striving into the unknown;

May God be with us all, until we meet again.


God, we thank you for the opportunity to come together as family, friends, leaders and fellow scouts on this significant day in the life of <_____> and <_____>. Today is a celebration of a journey, a journey full of challenges, friendship, struggles, and, occasionally, a little fun. Today, we think of all the Merit Badges earned along the way, the oaths committed to, the character these young men developed, and the service to our community these two worked so hard to bring about. Little by little, month by month and year by year, they were faithful and we celebrate their faith, commitment, and hard work.

So we ask for your blessing on <_____> and <_____>, their families who supported and encouraged them, and their fellow scouts who helped them along the way. Bless the scout leaders, Troop #, and all those who are here physically or in Spirit. Continue to walk with <_____> and <_____> as they take these next steps in becoming the scouts and the people you desire them to be.


Our God and God of our ancestors, This is a day of celebration and accomplishment. ________ has waked down the path and navigated the trail that brings him to this Eagle Court of Honor. We are grateful, O God, for the sense of commitment _______ has demonstrated. We are proud that ________ took seriously the responsibilities and obligations of a scout weaving the values of our movement into the rich fabric of his life. We are mindful of the strength and effort it requires for a young person to arrive at this special moment.
Bless O God, _______ parents whose love nurtured, encouraged and supported him on his trail to Eagle. May they be privileged to rejoice in all his accomplishments yet to come. Bless also those dedicated and intrepid leaders who worked with ________, teaching him, molding his character, contributing to the values he reflects both as a scout and as a person.
We pray, O God, that _________ will recognize the responsibility soon to be placed on his shoulders. That as an Eagle Scout, he joins the company of men who have, by word, deed and action upheld a way of life and an approach to living that reflects the best in our nation. May _______ serve as a role model for his troop mates and may his life reflect the values of the Scout Law, the Scout Oath and traditions of his faith. Amen