Prayer For Drunk Husband

Sovereign God, We come before you, standing in the gap for our husbands. They've been bound by the destructive power of alcohol. Help them break free, Lord. Take away the thoughts of alcohol from their minds and replace them with constructive thoughts. Let them get to know you and surrender their desires for earthly pleasures to you. They won't do it on their own, they need you, God. Hold their hands and let them feel your unending love for them. You are our only source of hope. Amen.

Lord, You know our weaknesses and we can't overcome them on our own. Our husbands' weakness is alcoholism. Set them free. Take away their demonic thoughts of alcohol and give them the desire to serve you. Let them open their heart to your message of salvation. Change their ways, God. Change their characters and attitudes. Your works are perfect. Be their strength in this moment of weakness. Amen.

Mighty God, We humble ourselves before you, seeking your help in dealing with husbands who are alcoholics. Give us the strength to be strong for them as they battle this spirit of alcoholism. Let your Holy Spirit minister to them that they may change their ways and keep their bodies pure and pleasing to you. Let them learn of your abundant grace and the love you have for us all even those who see themselves as unworthy. Save them, Lord. Amen.

Lord in heaven, You are the God of greatness and we come before you praying for a miracle for our husbands who are into alcoholism. Change them. Renew their souls. You've changed people who had done the worst things to be good people in society; people who are now role models to others. Surely, nothing is impossible for you and your works are perfect. Deliver them from this spirit of torment. Set them free. Let them desire to serve you with all they have. Amen.

God All-powerful, You promised to be with us always. We, therefore, claim your promise of being always with us and ask for a breakthrough regarding our husbands' ties with alcohol. Lord, we ask that you may loosen the grip that the devil has on them. Deliver them and set them up for greatness. Refresh their thoughts that they may see what the alcohol is costing them in terms of family and their relationship with you. Amen.

God in heaven, We thank you for you know the desires of our hearts. We pray that you fulfill our desire for having happy families. Let our husbands quit taking alcohol. Remove any thought of alcohol from their minds. Give them the focus of getting to know you and let their hearts meditate on your promises of strength, peace and sufficient grace. Let your word nourish their souls. Amen.

Lord God, you understand that my husband's acholic nature is gradually dividing this family, and your word says what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Alcohol is rapidly putting asunder between us, he comes home every day filled with so much rage, even my safety and that of the children is no more guaranteed under a man that is highly influenced by alcohol. Lord Jesus, I beg that in his sleep tonight you will visit him and teach him your way of Freedom from spiritual captivity.

Righteous Father, this marriage means a whole lot to me just as much as you God cherish it too. The major tussle in my family right now is my husband's alcoholic nature. He has since become a shadow of himself. He doesn't find pleasure and acceptance in the hands of his wife anymore. Even his beautiful and handsome kids that he once cherished are now like a plague to him. My husband has been locked up in the prison of sin heavily caused by Alcohol. Lord you know that he used to burn for you before he went into Alcohol, Lord in your infinite Mercy, kindly re-kindle your fire in his heart. Let him find solace in you once more.

I Pray that you won't let the devil rejoice over his soul, because if he should die been a perpetual drinker, his place in your house is not certain, Lord you said you know the thoughts that you have towards us, they are the thoughts of good and not of evil, to give us an expected end. Lord his eternal life in the pit of hell is not an expected end tag you wished for, Lord I beg that you save him from hell.

Lord God, I seek your counsel, that you will teach me wisdom on how to help me get out of this mess. He is gradually drifting away, and it is sad to see someone you love to be in a demeaning situation and there is a little that you can do to help them out. I pray for your strength that I may be strong to fight this demon that wants to ruin my home and peace. The demon that wants to take away my joy as a wife and snatch away my pride as a Christian, Lord give me the strength to overcome it.

You are the God of all flesh, there is nothing impossible for you to do. I want you to break him down, demolish all his countenance towards alcohol, break him to point where only you can fix him. Break him to a point where alcohol will become a poisonous liquor to him, break him to a point where he will not be able to seek refuge or solace from no one else except you.

The salvation of Christ is not for the saved, the death and resurrection of Jesus is not for the righteous. It is for those who are yet to be saved. Lord let your grace find him and bring home. I ask that you will consume him with the power of your Holy Spirit, the spirit that will help him overcome his addiction to alcohol. It appears anytime he sees alcohol, he loses his strength to resist, but your words say your strength is made perfect in our weakness. I ask that you will give him the power to overcome the addiction to alcohol. In Jesus Christ Name Amen

Dear Lord please help my husband overcome his hard ships and let him be free of his burdens that follow him. I pray that you guide him in the right direction and help him be a better husband and father.

I pray Lord, that you help him have more patience and lead him from his binge drinking into a life closer to you. I pray Lord you keep our family together but only if its in our best interest. Lord in your name I pray! Amen!