Prayer For Disaster Victims

Compassionate Father, we ask that You keep all separated children safe from any kind of abuse. Help children reunite with their parents and family soon. Turn the hearts of people bent toward evil so they treat vulnerable boys and girls with dignity and respect. Be a Shepherd to children who are missing their parents and grieving a great loss. Heal them, provide for them, and let them know Your peace that surpasses understanding and Your love that surrounds them each day.

Loving Provider, we echo the psalmist's confidence, For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help (Psalm 72:12). Hear and answer girls' and boys' cries for help. Let aid distributions reach children and families who need it most. In Your mercy, we pray for You to provide refugee families and disaster survivors with what they need to survive.

Lord of the nations, You tell us in Psalm 34:14 to Turn from evil, and do good; seek peace and pursue it. We grieve to see the lives of so many people disrupted by war and violence. This evil kills and maims people, separates families, harms the most vulnerable, and makes poverty a constant companion. We ask You to make wars cease to the ends of the earth (Psalm 46:9) so children and families can enjoy safety and prosperity again.

Good Shepherd, no refugee is a stranger to You, and no one is ever far from Your loving care. We pray for You to watch over refugee children and families as they travel to refugee camps or relocate within their country. Shelter their souls and their bodies. Heal the hearts of refugees who have endured unimaginable tragedy and trauma.

Almighty God, You know that the hardest hit when disaster strikes are people who are poor and have few resources to recover and rebuild. Inspire leaders of the world's wealthy nations to be ready to respond to disasters with compassion and generosity. Help governments invest in disaster risk reduction and preparedness training so their citizens are less vulnerable during emergencies.

Merciful Counselor, we grieve with communities suffering from disasters and struggling to recover. Speed the restoration of community life so children can feel secure again. Give families strength and perseverance while they rebuild their homes and livelihoods. We pray for disaster survivors to find refuge in You.

God, you are our comfort and strength

in times of sudden disaster, crisis, or chaos.

Surround us now with your grace and peace
through storm or earthquake, fire or flood.

By your Spirit, lift up those who have fallen,

sustain those who work to rescue or rebuild,

and fill us with the hope of your new creation;

through Jesus Christ.


Lord, in this time of great need we plead for your mercy for those who suffer the effects of Typhoon Haiyan. Today, many people are afraid, fearing for their lives, fearing their loved ones are among the dead and fearing for their future safety. Those who are injured and ill cry for relief. Comfort them and give them hope. Console their hearts and ease their pain.

Lord, help us to help them, to know what to do and to have the compassion, fortitude and creativity to do it. Move us to respond now to the urgent needs that cannot wait. Steady us to be there in the future as the victims of this disaster rebuild. Give us the grace of generosityin our prayers and our contributions.

We are all brothers and sisters: we are the work of your hands. Receive the dead into your love. Comfort the survivors with the power and protection of your peace. May we love as you love, and may we all find peace in this tumultuous world. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.