Prayer For Deceased Husband

Dear Father, I pray that you will console my heart as I grieve for my husband/wife who has gone on to glory. Please bring comfort to my heart as I remember and reflect on Your promises. I ask that as I mourn, You will give peace, security and healing in the midst of my tears. I stand and trust in Your Word, that You are the resurrection and life and that He who believes in You will live, even though they may die. Thank You Father, Amen.

Dear Father, I thank You for the love that (name husband/wife) and I have been able to show one another during our time here on earth. Father, You understand the pain of loss and grief. But right now, I pray for healing from the pain of losing (name of husband/wife). Your Word says, that You are close to the broken-hearted and You save those who are crushed in spirit. I pray that Your presence, comfort and love will be with me. Father, grant help and guidance as I deal with such a loss in my life, this I ask, Amen.


Adam had more of you than anyone has had. Yet you said it is not good for him to be alone.

You made me to want to seek a spouse and fall in love. You molded us to need each other. And now Lord, death has come and dragged my beloved husband out of my arms.

Lord, if I could just board a plane or a boat or a train - if I could just touch the one I love. If I could just see that face again.

But it is your will that I stay here without him.

Lord, in this season, in this place, in my circumstances, bring contentment to me and make your portion enough.


Lord God,

Losing a spouse is devastating plain and simple.

The lack of control and utter helplessness,

The finality of death,

The feelings of hopelessness,

The minutes that feel like days.

Lord, I come to you asking for relief asking for relief from the sadness.

I'm asking for your renewal of my mind and heart. I'm asking for a fresh newness in my life.

I'm asking that I could again feel true happiness that comes without aching from what has been taken from me.

Lord, everything is stale. I am asking for a desire to want what is still in my life.

I'm asking for you to diminish those aching feelings that are never satisfied. Asking you to diminish those thoughts that have no future. Asking for powerful medicine for my mind, my emotions, my heart. Asking that my will could find union with yours in accepting my loss.

Lord, the Bible says you are my portion. Make my portion satisfy me.


Master, Lord, immaculate Creator of all,
in Your love for mankind You created woman from Adam's rib,
and blessed them, saying: Be fruitful, ultiply and conquer the earth.

You joined the two into one body and commanded that no man separate that which You had joined together.

Look down from heaven, O compassionate Father,
and behold the grief and pain which have fallen upon my heart and soul
as I behold my separation today from the one soul of Your servant,
O Lord, who You,
O Lord, gave to be my husband (wife) and support in this life.

Show Your loving kindness to me, O merciful Lord,
at this hour which is so difficult for my soul to endure! Lord,
Jesus Christ, comforter of those who mourn,
the prophet Isaiah spoke of You,
saying that You would come to heal those whose hearts were crushed.

Be my comforter and hear me as I raise my voice to You with faith.

I pray, O gracious King,
forgive whatever sins my husband (wife) has committed in this life;
whether by word, deed or thought,
knowingly or unknowingly,
receive the soul of Your servant, O Lord,
in Your eternal heavenly kingdom, among the dwelling of the saints.

At Your proper time, grant that my soul,
which longs for that kingdom,
may also dwell in that holy place where,
once again, our souls shall meet and, together,
offer glory and praise to Your all holy name:
Of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Eternal God,
you made the union of man and woman
a sign of the bond between Christ and his church.
Grant peace and mercy to ___,
who was united in love with ___.
May the care and devotion of her life on earth
find a lasting reward in heaven.
Look kindly on her children,
family and friends
as they turn to your compassion and love.
Strengthen their faith and lighten their loss.
We pray, in the name of Jesus Christ,



Tonight I beg you to remove the pain I feel everyday. I want to walk and wake up everyday with peace. I want to move on. Be Happy.Not feeling guilty for moving on. I need your strength Father. I know my husband is celebrating his life in heaven. I feel protected by him everyday. Sometimes I can't understand Why I am going thru this. 26 years old and I faced the worst anyone can go through. My husband served the army and protected us from our enemy lines.. Please forgive him for his sins. Forgive me for my sins. Give me the strength Lord to wake up everyday with a reason to live. Please Father I beg you to remove any suicidal thoughts. Give me happiness Lord.Give me Acceptance.
In the name of our Father,

O heavenly Father, I am now in the shadow of great loneliness. My helpmate has been taken from me. Yet I submit in holy faith to Your divine will. I know that You love my spouse who, I pray, is now in heaven rejoicing with You. Grant me the strength I need to bear my present burdens, and help me to look for opportunities to seek out those less fortunate then myself. Keep me from feeling sorry for myself in my present condition, and keep my heart enflamed with love for You and for my neighbor, so that I can help to carry on Your work of love in this world. May I one day be reunited with my beloved spouse in heaven, where we both can worship You for all eternity.