Prayer For Communication

Dear God,

Thank You for my husband. Thank You for the relationship that we have, although I always pray that it continues to grow! Thank You for working in our lives and leading us through transformation! I lift up my marriage to You and ask that You help my husband and I grow in the area of communication. I pray that we can talk to each other kindly and respond in love to each other. Help us not to be selfish or pursue things that will only benefit us, but rather help us to keep each other in mind. I pray that our marriage and other marriages would be blessed by having an awesome communication line! May Your words be on our lips daily. May Your wisdom and your encouragement flow through us affirming our spouses in Jesus' name AMEN!

Lord, I pray now for my marriage. Thank you God for my spouse. Thank you for your love for him/her, and for our marriage. Thank you that you are a champion of marriage and you want to see our marriage last. Lord, forgive me so often I put myself first, and push you and my spouse to the backburner. Help me prioritize our marriage. Help me fight for it when it's hard, and to enjoy it when it's going well. Help me encourage and support my spouse in all she/he has going on. Help me Lord! I know that without your guidance and support I would stumble and fall. Help us put you first, and strengthen our resolve to work through the hardest parts of marriage. In your name I pray, Amen.

Lord, we ask for Your grace and blessing as we try to spread the gospel message through the various mediums available to us in our day. Through both word and deed, may we act like Your disciples and be an example of joy and hope to our beleaguered brothers and sisters. On social media and the internet, may we remember Christian charity, patience, and gentleness. In our interactions with others in the workplace, home, and around town, may we remember that we represent You and show Your goodness, kindness, and mercy to all we meet. Within our families and circles of friends, may we strive to be the most loving and giving. If there are areas in our lives where we have become closed, secretive, bitter, or resentful, help us to open ourselves up to the Light and be filled with forgiveness and generosity. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Dear Lord,

I pray for husbands and wives. So often the communication in marriage is a catalyst for arguments. I pray for better and more effective communication between spouses. May your Holy Spirit anoint each of us so that we respond to each other in love, grace, and kindness. May the tone of our voices represent the respect we have for each other. I also pray that our body language would be respectful and appropriate. So often we reveal our frustrations non-verbally and that also stirs negativity in the relationship. Help us to be patient, understanding and full of wisdom as we communicate with our spouses.

In Jesus' name, AMEN!

Father help (your spouse's name) and I make an effort to understand the source of the breakdown in communication between the two of us. Help me to see where I may have gone wrong in hearing the information that (your spouse's name) discussed with me during our conversation.

During this time of understanding Father; may I not become arrogant and start ridiculing (your spouse's name) because of my lack of understanding. Though it would be easy to blame (your spouse's name) and consider myself to be right, may I seek direction from your Holy Spirit and not lean-to my understanding in determining what went wrong.

Father God help me to remember and reflect Colossians 3:12-14 as I consider the message that (your spouse's name) is relaying to me. I pray this in Jesus' name, amen.

Holy Spirit,

you blessed the first disciples
with the power to spread God's love
throughout the world.

Give us a new power to proclaim your word
through our own unique gifts
and through the channels of clear communication.
Make us willing to receive that word
as it enters our daily lives.

Bless all who use their talents
in the field of communications.
Guide those who send out the message
and those who receive it,
so that all people
may come to know your truth
and be renewed by your love.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


Dear God, please teach me how to pray to you for help during difficult situations.

When I pray, please listen.

Answer my prayers and grant every request of my heart.

Let me live in joy, peace, and prosperity throughout the days of my life.

For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

St. Joseph , you have faced many challenges, many situations that you have no control over. However, you continued with faith and belief.

I find myself currently cut off and estranged from the man that I love and believe loves me. He is scared, he hasn't not known the feeling of unconditional love and faith from another. The kind of unconditional love and support that you showed Mary.

I pray to you, St Joseph, that you help us reopen the lines of communication between us. That you helps us be able to talk to each other again.
This man deserves to know the feeling of love and being supported. He is worthy of happiness. I regret and repent all the pain and suffering that I have caused him.

Please hear my call for the opportunity to speak with him again and heal old wounds.
I place my faith and trust in you.