Prayer For Choir Ministory

Oh Lord, in the Old Testament, the chief of Levites was appointed to lead and give instruction of the singing because he was skillful. In the same respect, let individuals be appointed into this choir that most importantly have a heart that desires more of You, as well as great skill. I pray that we pursue high quality sounding worship and never lose sight of You Yahweh. Let those who are appointed understand their responsibility within this region, Amen.

Creator God,
you have made us in your image to reflect your goodness.
You have called us to use our gifts to build your kingdom.
As we begin this day, we seek to reflect your image.
Help us not only to focus on how to develop our creativity,
but also to seek the wisdom to use our skills to your glory,
and for the building up of the people we serve.
In the name of Christ and through the Holy Spirit we pray, Amen.

May the blessing of God,
the giver of every good and perfect gift;
and of Christ, who summons us to service;
and of the Holy Spirit, who inspires generosity and love,
be with us all.

God of majesty,
whom saints and angels delight to worship in heaven:
Be with your servants who make art and music for your people,
that with joy we on earth may glimpse your beauty;
and bring us to the fulfillment of that hope of perfection
which will be ours as we stand before your unveiled glory.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Dear Lord, let us consult You first before we make any decisions in this choir ministry, just like Your people turned to You before appointing their singers in Your Word. Those who sang and praised You in holy attire were sent first before the army declaring Give thanks to the Lord, for His loving kindness is everlasting. I pray that when we minister we will understand that we are battling not against flesh and blood but against higher things. This is the prayer of our heart, Amen.

Prayer of Confession

Lord, you have called us to worship you. We gladly gather!
As we praise you, though, our own inadequacy reminds us
of how we have broken our relationship with you.
Because we have sinned against you,
even our worship fails to be what it could.
We often treat it as a show. We simply go through motions,
failing to recognize that you want to engage us deeply.
Renew us, we pray, according to your steadfast love.
Remind us of your covenant faithfulness
and have mercy on us in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Creator God,
because you make all that draws forth our praise
and the forms in which to express it,
we praise you.

Because you make artists of us all,
awakening courage to look again at what is taken for granted,
grace to share these insights with others,
vision to reveal the future already in being,
we praise you.

Because you form your Word among us,
and in your great work embrace all human experience,
even death itself, inspiring our resurrection song,
we praise you. Yours is the glory. Amen.

forgive us when we don't hear the music of
the universe,
or see the harmony of life you intend.
Open us to your hymns and music in life,
and place a song in our hearts.
In Christ's name we pray. Amen.

Father, you have called us to be your holy
and to sing your praise.
Teach us to use our talents and voices for
your glory,
and for strengthening the faith of your
Help us to persevere in practice and prayer,
that we may show your love to others,
and lead them closer to you.
Accept, O God,
the service of those who offer you praise
by leading the music in this church.
May they serve you with glad hearts and
dedicated lives;
that, by the ministry of music, your name
will be glorified,
and the hearts of your people will be uplifted in worship and love.