Prayer For Children's Day

God, thank You for this day! Thank You for the birds and the animals, the flowers and the trees, the lakes and the streams, and the sun that rises and sets over them each day. Thank You for creating everything we see! Thank You for the life we live, and for making each person different. Thank You for Jesus, who died for us so that we can go to heaven one day just for believing in Him. What an amazing God You are! In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Dear God,

We praise you for your love and faithfulness. We thank you for your protection and care over our families. Thank you that you give us the power to love well; the wisdom to lead and teach our children. We know you're for us; that you fight for our families today. You are Redeemer, Restorer, and Friend, we believe you have good in store. We confess, some days, parenting is tough. Many days we can feel anxious or overwhelmed. We ask that you would make us more like you, more aware of your constant Presence in our lives. Help us to release our children to You, so that You are free to fully accomplish all that You desire, in them, through them. Please fill our families with your truth and cover us with your favor.

Lord, my children have been through so much. The loss of their dad, formerly homeless. Please help them to come to terms with the loss of their father. Be that Father for them that they so desperately need.

Lord, please show my children extra grace when I become angry and irritated with them. I am but human, but you are perfect Lord. Please show them your humility and kindness at all times.

Lord, please give my children faith beyond doubt. Help them to fully trust in you and your love.

Lord, I pray that when they are older, they will find the spouses that you have intended them to find. That they will themselves make good spouses and that their future spouses will not condemn me for how I have raised them, but that they should be great people in your sight and in the sight of the world.

Lord, please help my children to know how much I love them, how much I sacrifice for them daily, so that when they are older, they will consider themselves blessed for having me as a mom.

Lord, please help my children to come to a full knowledge of you and to accept you fully and completely in the time that you have designed for their lives. Please help me to be a godly example and a tool used by you to accomplish that purpose.