Prayer For Business Leaders

Dear God of all,

I come to you today lifting up my boss or supervisor to you. I pray that you will develop in him/her all of the skills and qualities needed to lead our work team well.

I pray that he/she will have the leadership skills of Moses, the bravery and vision of David, the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of Job and the perseverance of Paul. I pray that he/she will ask for and receive good advice as it says in Proverbs: A wise man listens to advice. (Proverbs 12:15 NIV) and Many advisors make victory sure. (Proverbs 11:14 NIV)

Grant my boss or supervisor a good understanding of the problems and fixes for our workplace and business issues. Give them a good view of the overall picture and a solid business plan for the present and future.

May my boss or supervisor value the hard work and efforts of the work team. Help him/her see the strengths of each worker and help them to encourage the development of new skills in areas where each worker may need help.

Grant a workplace characterized by respect and cooperation. May my boss or supervisor take a leading role in recognizing and appreciating the efforts of each member of the work team as they acknowledge jobs well done.

May my boss or supervisor be filled with honesty, fairness, discernment, kindness and good humor. May he/she be a good listener who has an open door to the work team, making themselves available to hear out concerns from the work team and support the employees.

Give them wisdom and discernment when dealing with conflicts between work team members. Help them hear out both sides and find workable solutions that will help improve the efficiency and atmosphere of the workplace.

Strengthen and help my boss or supervisor during times of stress. Grant them a good life balance in their work, family and faith. Teach them the value of delegating well, save them from micromanaging and show them when to roll up their sleeves and pitch in when the work load demands it.

Help me as a member of the work team to do my best at the tasks assigned me. Show me how to adapt to my boss's management style so that we might work well together for the sake of our company, our mission and our livelihoods. May you grant us success in all that we put our hands to do together.

Although I work under my boss or supervisor, help me to live out what it says in the Bible: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. (Colossians 3: 23,24 NIV)


Faithful Creator, we gather to seek Your wisdom in filling a vacancy in our leadership. Please guide us as we humbly discern Your will. Help us to consider all the facts, and to weight all of our impressions against the truth of Scripture. We ask that You grant us guidance in this process and that You would bless us with a Godly leader that will minister faithfully and carry out Your will. Amen.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for the privilege of serving You as an employee here at _______________. I ask You to send Your Holy Spirit to teach me to pray for the good of the company, that Your name may be glorified.

I pray for those who are in positions of authority and leadership in it. I offer this prayer on behalf of the company executives, asking that You turn their hearts in the way that You would have them go.

I pray for the president and other officers, thanking You for their commitment and dedication to this organization. Thank You that they are upright and honest in all their business dealings.

Thank You for providing them new and creative ideas on how to better fulfill their duties and responsibilities and complete the tasks that You have entrusted to them.

Give them insight and understanding beyond their reason. Thank You for Your anointing upon them that goes far beyond their natural gifts and talents.

Give them, I pray, clear and distinct direction so that they know what to do and how to do it. Grant them the vision to develop new ideas and concepts and the ability to implement them for the good of all concerned.

Help them, Father, to be sensitive to the needs of every individual in this company. Give them the ability to balance the financial and human resources available to them. Give them supernatural foresight and discernment concerning personnel matters.

Thank You, Father, that they receive all the pertinent information necessary to make good and correct decisions. Help me to be a blessing to them, to respect them and to give honor where honor is due. May I always be an asset to them and never a liability.

Thank You that when we pray in obedience to Your will for those who occupy positions of authority or high responsibility, outwardly, we will experience a quiet and undisturbed life and, inwardly, a peaceable one in all godliness and reverence and seriousness in every way.

During these days of constant change, help those in authority to maintain a positive attitude and to count it all joy when they fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of their faith produces patience. Help them to remember that patience is a force that will enable them to persevere.

In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of fear to be far from the owners and directors of this organization. Clothed in the armor of God, I stand against any pressure and anxiety that would cause them to make hasty or unwise decisions.

Help them to discern between good and bad choices and to make wise decisions-decisions that will contribute to the growth of this company and work for the benefit of every employee.

In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Father, bless our employees. Forgive us for any and all times we have been unfair bosses and/or ungrateful co-workers. When we are tempted to be frustrated with our position or our employees, calm our thoughts to align with Your truth. Help us to be kind and patient when we are anxious and fuming. When things don't go the way we want or planned, keep us level headed and gracious, compassionate, and careful with our words.

Thank You for providing for us, Father. Bless our employees and their families. Keep them physically safe and healthy, and guard their hearts and minds, today and always. May every day they come to work be a joy, not a burden. If there are days that burden them, may they have the courage to speak up, trusting we will hear and answer them with compassion.

May all affected by our businesses feel closer to You, Christ, because they are a part of our organizations. Bless the decisions made now and in the future. May our businesses be built on godly principles and steered by godly truths.

In Jesus' Name,


Father, whether our businesses are struggling or thriving, You are still God our unchanging Provider. Help us throw all of our trust in You. Faithful and loving, You place us in communities. May our businesses seek to serve those living in the communities in which our businesses reside.

You are not a God of coincidence; you place people in our lives purposefully. For this reason, we pray for hearts that are open to Your voice that guides us in wisdom, and mute those that temp us to go astray. For by our example and decisions, we show what it means to follow Jesus in every area of life.

Show us our place in the business world, and beyond. How can we take what we are learning and earning to help those in far corners of our neighborhoods and the world? Show us our place, Father. For we know when we let go of our tight grip on process, You blow us away with the places you lead and take us. Fill our hearts with the joy and peace that surpass all understanding.

In Jesus' Name,


Father, we praise You for the entrepreneurial spirit You set in our hearts. Let all of our achievements honor You. When the lines of ethical and honest decisions start to blur, grant us absolute clarity. Stir in our hearts the courage to build a foundation of our business on the back of Your truth, and Your standards. When we are pressured and poked to cut corners and bend our Christ-centered code of moral conduct, strengthen our resolve to stay focused on You first.Help us to honor the vision that You set in our hearts. Let us give it to You daily and work hard - giving it our all for Your glory. Protect us from the pride that over-applauds us and that which attacks our confidence. Father, if You aim to accomplish something through us, You will see it to fruition. Help us to be faithful along the way.

In Jesus' Name,


Magnificent Father, touch the hearts of the people in our communities to support the businesses. Help the business owners to establish fair and honest business practices so that the residents in our communities will enjoy doing business with them. Show the owners and managers new and creative ways to increase their revenue without taking advantage of their customers. Convict the hearts of business owners in all communities who treat their employees and customers poorly. Holy Spirit, help the employees to be diligent, hard working individuals who will work as unto You instead of to man.

Righteous Father, forgive the business owners in our communities for all acts of sinfulness. Forgive those who have not been diligent in seeking Your leadership for their businesses. Forgive those who do not trust in You and Your business principles; but lean on their own understanding. Forgive those who have compromised Your Word in order to make a profit. Forgive those who have not treated their employees and customers fairly. Forgive those who have not properly taken care of or shown respect for the communities they live in. Lord, forgive me for (list any sins that you have committed). Holy Spirit, remind the business owners in our communities of those they need to forgive and help them to be quick to forgive. As for me, Holy Spirit, bring to my remembrance those I need to forgive. (Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to show you names or faces of people that you may need to forgive. As He shows you, say aloud, I forgive name of person(s). Now, trust the Lord to heal any wounds in your soul caused by unforgiveness.)

Holy Spirit, help the business owners in our communities to not yield to temptation; but deliver them from the evil one.

Almighty God, You are awesome in Your sanctuary. O God of Israel, You give power and strength to Your people. Sovereign Lord, You are great! You are robed with honor and majesty. You are the eternal King. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Almighty Father, we thank You for providing for us. Thank You for being the source of our supply. We thank You for taking care of us and supplying all of our needs from Your glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Father, You created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. You give breath to everyone and life to everyone who walks the earth. We will praise Your mighty deeds, O Sovereign Lord. We will tell everyone that You alone are just. We praise You, Lord! Father God, we are joyful because we fear You, Lord, and delight in obeying Your commands. We are blessed to be Your children.

Heavenly Father, we expect business leaders in our communities to honor Your Word and live by Your precepts. We command light to shine in the darkness for the Godly. We declare that they are generous, compassionate, and righteous. Good comes to those who lend money generously and conduct their business fairly. Such people will not be overcome by evil. Those who are righteous will be long remembered. We claim the radical redistribution of wealth in our communities. We decree that the merchants in our communities will not fear bad news; they confidently trust You, Lord, to care for them. They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly. They share freely and give generously to those in need. Their good deeds will be remembered forever. They will have influence and honor. The wicked will see this and be infuriated. They will grind their teeth in anger; they will slink away, their hopes thwarted. Lord, we expect You to pour down Your blessings upon our communities. We decree that our land will yield its bountiful harvest. Father, we will support the businesses of the Godly men and women in our communities.