Prayer For Baby Shower Meal

Protect this little bump we pray,
With love and peace throughout each day.
Bless this mum and dad with joy,
'Till they meet their girl or boy.

Heavenly Father,

Come and cover this emerging family with your love.
Quiet their minds with everlasting hope.
Sing over this little unborn child with songs of joy.
Carry this excited mum as she looks forwards to the birth of her baby.
Fill this home with happiness and joy.
Protect each of them.

You are Lord of their lives,
You are creator of heaven and earth,
You are a loving Father to us all.


Lord of Hosts, I pray that You bless every expectant mother this day. Let Your face shine upon them and be gracious over their life and over the life of their unborn child. So as they rejoice and celebrate during this baby showers day, I ask that You turn Your face towards every child and mother and give him/her peace. Lord let good things come into his/her life and let Your favor dwell with us today, so that they will know You are God above all things, Amen.

Oh Lord, You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb. Lord You are the master of the intricacies of life. Therefore, You understand this child's character and nature and You have arranged it beautifully! So we celebrate during this baby showering gather, and we praise You because this child is fearfully and wonderfully made. Lord bless this day we pray as we expect great things today and greatness in the birth of Your creation, thank You in advance. I pray that You bless this child, Amen.

Heavenly Father, thank You for this baby shower gathering. Your Word says that You can fill us with joy and peace as we trust in You. Lord we know that This child who is due to arrive any time soon is just the beginning of the joy and peace that Your Word promises us! So Lord during this baby shower gathering, we pray for all those who give gifts as a token of their love. Lord help every expectant mother to love You more and more each day as they wait for the birth of their child. The glory and honor belongs to You, Amen.

Lord thank You for hearing my prayers! I prayed for this child and You granted me what I asked of You. I pray that I always see this child as a fulfillment of Your promise to me and an example of Your greatness. I thank You for this new life within me and as we gather for this baby shower, I pray that You will bless everyone who will attend. Lord I take not for granted your blessings, but I cannot explain the honor I feel to have been granted with such responsibility, Amen.

As God watches over us all,
We pray He watches over your new baby.
May your child find safe entry into
The physical and spiritual worlds.
May she feel the love of God
As expressed through your loving arms
As God watches over us all,
He will guide your child
Into the physical and spiritual worlds
To see true love as expressed by our loving Father.

Dear God, let this child hear the sounds of love,
within the heart and soul.
Echo the mother's heartbeat,
Resound the father's words,
Replay the wishes and blessings shared today.
Together and with your guidance,
We sing the sounds of love
For this new little life
To hear now and forevermore.