Prayer For Autism

Lord, you said, I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.
We pray for the gift of abundant life for all who are living
with autism spectrum disorders.
We pray for the children and adults on the spectrum who struggle to
understand how the social world operates, and therefore have difficulties
fitting in. Please allow them to experience dignity and the joy in life that
their natural anxieties at times prohibit them from.
We pray for their parents and other family members, whose challenge is to
never lose hope as they work hard with love to guide and discipline.
Keep us mindful of the strength with which you grant to anyone who asks
for it and help us to share our faith in you with individuals in all
developmental stages.
We pray for catechists and teachers, especially when they don't understand
that the persistent talking out or unusual behaviors that a person on the
spectrum may demonstrate are not meant to undermine their authority.
Help them to see the gifts of these individuals through your eyes
and those of the people who love them most.
We pray for members of our faith communities, that they replace
their stares and looks of disapproval with understanding and compassion
for people on the spectrum, who daily face great challenges,
yet are trying to live the abundant life you have called them to.
Give them the grace to include your most vulnerable
people in the full life of the Church.
We ask this in your name, Christ Jesus. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for this precious child. Thank you for his sweetness, his uniqueness, and for all the potential You have blessed him with.
I pray, Lord, that you help us discover the key that will unlock his potential. Please continue each day to open his mind and heart to the outside world.
Awaken those areas of his brain that are not functioning as they should, and strengthen him in mind, body and spirit.
Bring him the gift of awareness, so that he can enjoy the wonderful gift of relationship with family, friends, and most of all, with You.
Bring the autistic child a good night's sleep at night, so that he and his family can receive the restorative rest they need.
Help him to acquire an appetite for the foods and nutrients so essential to health and healing.
Grant his doctors, so baffled by this mysterious condition, direction in their recommendations and treatments. For the sake of autistic children everywhere, bring truth and clarity to the medical establishment concerning this illness. Guide and direct doctors and scientists in their search for a cure.
Continue to give the family wisdom, resources and guidance as they pursue treatment options. Help them to discern between those things that will help and those things that are a waste of time and money.
When a true healing path is available, give his family the will and stamina to persevere on this path. Fill them with strong faith that transforms anxiety about the future into joy that the future is in Your hands.
Let then delight in each day's progress, no matter how small. Give them great joy that you have blessed them with this special child, and great trust in the breadth and depth of your love and healing power.
Please bring about this child's complete healing. Whether that healing comes all at once or gradually, help the family to relish this journey of faith.
Surround them each day with love, joy, and the positive expectation that can only come from relationship with you.
I pray these things in the name of your son, Our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

and that You love them all equally. But I have only this autistic child, and I confess to loving him most of all. I want so many blessings for this child. Thank You for this gift of his life. For, though he was not the child I imagined, he is the child I cannot imagine having never had. Please, as he grows, guide him toward:

Faith because hope is as necessary to the soul as water to the body.

Confidence in his abilities and worth, in order to convey them to others who might not see them immediately.

Courage to face fear, to live despite losses, and most importantly to try.

Curiosity about himself, others, and the sometimes confusing world around him, for that is how he will learn.

Patience for others who may have trouble understanding his needs.

Calm when the chaos of the world threatens to overwhelm.

Resolve to stand up for himself and those needs, even when backing down seems easier.

Prudence to know when to seek help and advice from others.

Interests that he he can both immerse himself in and that can offer him an opportunity to contribute to his world.

Friends who will love him as he his, enjoy his eccentricities, and be there in his need.

Wisdom to understand that none of thesenone of them are the result of luck or birth, but of his own choices.

Please, Lord, when I cannot be there, send Your angels to keep my child from harm, and guide him always closer to the peace and love and light that is You.


Lord, let thy peace fill me up until I overflow;
that where people cannot speak, I may be their advocate;
that where anyone is rejected, I may extend my arms in welcome;
that where parents are heavy burdened, I may offer a word of comfort; that where our children struggle, I may lift them up and cheer; that where some see disability, I may reveal to them extraordinary gifts; that where others judge, I may share with them my deep gladness; and that where any are overlooked, I may help the lights of all to shine.

Oh giver of these gifts,
grant that I may not so much seek to be reassured as to reassure;
to be praised as to praise;
to be accepted as to accept;
for it is in all our uncertainty that we are inspired to hope;
it is in great challenges that we discover our greatest joys,
and it is in our community of wanderers that we find the way home.


"Dear Father, forgive me and my nation for our sins. We have failed to look to You for help with this disorder called autism. Forgive us. I pray that You will lead us to find a cure for autism. Lord, You made us, You know each cell of our body, You know where autism originates, You know what goes wrong in people with autism, You know what will cure this disorder. Lord I pray for a miraculous cure for all children with autism. Please give families strength to deal with autism. Give them wisdom and help them find people who will truly help them and not take advantage of them. Lord, I pray also that You would lead researchers to find a cure for autism. Help the researchers to be humble, to seek You, to understand the connections between the physical, biological, chemical, and immunological findings in autism research. Open their eyes to find new connections and help parents to share their own discoveries and findings. Let there be a new cooperation among the researchers that will lead to a true cure for all autism. I give You the glory for this cure. Thank You, Lord, for hearing my prayer. Thank You, Lord, for having mercy on the thousands of children with autism. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior. Amen."

Dear Lord,

I come to you Tonight to help me, I believe in miracles and I believe in you Lord, help my little Brother to be cured from Autism, help him lord to recover his speech so that we know what it is he wants and needs, so that he can communicate with us and let us know how we can help him out.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

Dear friend,

Thank you for a wonderful reply. I just want to clear up any misconception regarding the prayer above.

There are a few responses on this thread that seem to feel that praying for God to heal someone from autism or even other handicaps is some slight against them as a person, or an indication that somehow it is detracting from a person's value. None of those things are true. Having autism or some other handicap is also not an indicator that the person with that issue is somehow unlovable or unaccepted. I noticed that you mentioned that praying against Autism somehow was equated in your mind as a parent not having the ability to love her accept their child the way they were. That was never my intention to communicate that in writing this prayer.

There are amazing people in all different kinds of Packaging and some of those include people with handicaps or other diagnosis. But there are also many parents and individuals that are hoping for a miracle in their body or in their child and I don't think it's wrong for us to believe that With God all things are possible. I do hope that this has cleared up any miscommunication or misunderstanding.


Loving God,

Bless today in special ways all the children, adults and families who see the world through the window of autism.

May Your Spirit burn bright in them and all who celebrate and honour the richness of our diversity during this Autism Awareness month of April.

Grant us, O Lord, the wisdom to see your image reflected in all of our differences, and to recognise the unique gifts we each have to offer.

May the doors of ministry in our Church continue to open wide in welcome to all of God's family.

We ask this in Jesus' holy name.