Prayer For A Thief

I pray that this young man will be directed to the Lord. I also pray for you, that's a very powerful spirit you have to pray for someone who tried violated your family-God Bless

Lord God, please guide this man back to your good law and set him on the right way of life. Amen.

God, please guide this young man's footsteps in the right direction. Let him see that he is only hurting himself and others. In Jesus' name, we pray!

Lord have mercy! i pray for this poor soul that he would resist the temptation to steal. It is a evil mania, Lord have mercy! Lord God give him the power to resist the urge! Merciful Jesus, I trust in you!

Eternal Father, for the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.

Our dear Jesus, thank You for the blessings that this young man has already received, the prayer of others, the fruitlessness of his attempt, and the scare that he received.
Lord, let the discomfort and fear of his situation jolt him sufficiently into re-thinking his life, as the grace of the prayer that You place in Viki's heart and ours, brings him to conversion shake him.
Thank You, Lord

Dear Lord,

You were hung on the Cross
criminals hanging on either side of You.

One of them, angry and unrepentant, cursed you.

The other, we are told, the Good Thief,
had apparently heard of You
and understood Your message of Love.

He cried out in repentance and belief,
begging to go with You
to Your heavenly paradise,

"Jesus, remember me
when you come into your kingdom."

You replied to him, "Amen, I say to you,
this day you will be with me in Paradise."

What wonderful words! What a gift of assurance!

You, Repentant Thief, Dismas,
or Rach or Zoatham, all of which
you have been called,
we know from the words of Jesus, Himself,
that you are, now, with Him in heaven!

We know that your dying prayer
from your cross of shame was answered.

Please, now, believing Dismas, pray for me
to that same Jesus Crucified, that I may be saved
as you have been!

Lord, let me believe with the faith of this man who died with You that terrible black Friday,
and who in the very agony of his death hour,
and in spite of laughing, mocking curses
from the vicious crowd,
proclaimed his total faith in You.

Please give me the insight and the understanding and the strong faith of this poor criminal,
who is now a saint with you in heaven.

Give me his courage never to be afraid
to proclaim my faith in You as Dismas did,
My Lord and My Saving God.

All this I pray to You, my dear Jesus.



Teach me humility, so that my confidence in your grace may be strengthened. Remind me to pray from a posture of awe and wonder for your incredible mercy. Through Jesus, you redeem and transform; do this in me, too.


Father in the name of Jesus I bind and rebuke any demon that tries to steal my money and I command you to let go of my finances right now in the name of Jesus, RELEASE! In the name of Jesus. Devil I command you to let go off my finances right now in Jesus name. (cough until you feel like something is coming out) Father in Jesus name I ask for financial blessings and miracles and I bind and rebuke any demon that would try to come against my prayer for finances right now in Jesus name, Amen.