Prayer For Anointing Your Home

LORD we sanctify and seal our home and invite Your presence to dwell in our home

Jesus, by faith I anoint me, my spouse, and my children. Jesus, I pray for the anointing of your blood, the surrounding and a hedge of protection of Your mighty warrior angels and the overshadowing power and protection of Your Holy Spirit over me, my spouse, the children, and ask that You would protect us from any attack of the enemy whether in spiritual or physical form, in Your name, Jesus, amen.

Jesus, by faith I anoint this home, windows and doorways and declare them all holy unto you and ask that You would cleanse this home of every unclean spirit and human spirit that does not belong here. I rebuke the power of darkness and any attempt of the enemy against my home and my family. In the name of Jesus, Satan, I bind you, I bind you hindering spirits, I bind you spirits of the prince of the air, I bind you evil forces, I command you to take your hands off of our spirits, souls, bodies, hearts, minds, emotions, and material things, off of my children, the cats, the dogs and this home. I bind your mouth and your power and command you, in the Name of Jesus, that every evil spirit in this house leave through this unanointed door, FOREVER, and EVER, AMEN!