Prayer For A New Car

Holy and merciful God. I praise you. Lord I need a new car. Please send a donor, sponsor who will bless me with a reliable vehicle. My present car has gotten old and repair is too great. I thank you for the many uses it has blessed me with in traveling to and from serving in ministry. I praise you and am thankful to you for the new vehicle on its way. May I be able to go even further distance In proclaiming your Holy name. Lord you know our needs before we speak them. As I write this prayer, I am reminded to write the vision and make it plain. A new car, any color you select is fine, a sedan, four doors, 6 cylinder or greater, power steering, power windows, cruise control, car insurance, huge trunk to carry and or transport food, clothing, resources, supplies for giving those in need. And Lord as I wait for this blessing to come, let your angels surround the Nissan Altima currently in use, to not die on me, to allow me to safely arrive to destinations without worry that it will turn off and stop moving. Again, thank you Lord for hearing my prayer, your daughter and Servant.

Saint Jude all of the angels and saints please pray for me to the lord our God that I may receive my 2nd vehicle. My husband and I are working on just one car at the moment my husband works far and my son is starting school next week. Our family is in need of a second car. Please dear lord make it possible that I receive the down payment I so desperately need to get a vehicle out . Thank you for hearing my prayers

Beloved Saint Jude, I pray for your intercetion in helping my mom to get a new car. Her car got stolen and burnt recently and she is also unemployed at the moment. Be so kind to ask God when you pray for my mom's request. We will be doing your novena starting today. BELOVED Saint Jude pray for us.. ww love you and Thank You Thank You Thank you very much for your prayer and anwers to our prayers.Amen

Dear Lord, please help us all who are needing a reliable transportation, bless us with a car so we can be of help to others as well. Thank you Lord!

Lend a willing ear, Lord God, to our prayers, and bless this vehicle with Your holy right hand. Direct Your holy angels to accompany it, that they may free those who ride in it from all dangers, and always guard them. And just as by Your deacon Philip You gave faith and grace to the man of Ethiopia as he sat in his chariot reading the Sacred Word, so, point out to Your servants the way of salvation. Grant that, aided by Your grace, and with their hearts set on good works, they may, after all the joys and sorrows of this journey through life, merit to receive eternal joys, through Christ our Lord.


O Master, Lord our God, hearken unto the prayer which we now send up to You, and bless this vehicle with Your holy right hand (+); send down upon it Thy guardian Angel, that all who desire to journey therein may be safely preserved and shielded from every evil end; and as the Ethiopian, riding in the chariot and reading of Your holy prophecy, was granted faith and Grace through Your Apostle Philip.

So do You now manifest the path of salvation to Your servants who shall travel in this conveyance, that with Your helping grace they may be clothed upon with good works and after the completion of this life may be vouchsafed' everlasting joy in Your heavenly Kingdom. For Yours is the might, and the Kingdom, and the power, and unto You do we send up glory to Father, and to Son, and to Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto ages of ages.


Dear God,
I am looking to acquire a new vehicle. I'm willing to open my mind and allow myself to have an amazingly smooth and beautiful experience as I go about this. I am willing to invite miracles and accept the transportation that You feel I deserve. In the past, I inadvertently decided against myself on a number of occasions and I'm willing to not do that now. Thank You, in advance, for the most beautiful, desirable, reliable, high quality, easy to acquire, dependable, affordable, timely, and efficient vehicle that is possible. I trust that You will show me the greatest possible way to accomplish this, such that this vehicle acquisition is perfect for me in every way. Thank You for all the right people being involved to ensure the highest and most amazing experience of acquiring a new vehicle that I've ever had. Thy will be done. Amen

saint jude , i realy need a new car and because it is so expenseve i really dont know how to get this money . so i beg you as i beleive you pwer and your are capable to help on any condition , i employer make money appear on the top of my bad soon as i arrived home . thankk you my Lord