Prayer For A Lover To Come Back To You

Dear god, pray that my boyfriend comes back to me. He is a good person but carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Let him know that I am here to help him and support him. I want to add to his life not take anything away. He is my best friend. Let him know he is my treasure. I will always nuture and embrace with ur help and guidance.

Dear St. Jude,

Please return my love to me. This person was the answer to years of prayer for a loving partner to join my life. I always cherished the gift of this person and his love. I knew it was you, St. Jude who meant for us to be together by putting us in each others path over and over until we finally understood.

Please don't let the difficult and painful circumstances that have just separated us be permanent. I had been praying faithfully and with devotion for all barriers between our being together to be removed. I am trying so hard to trust that these unexpected circumstances now parting us are a part of that process and not an end. I am just scared and hurt.

Please hear my prayers, St. Jude. Please don't forget about me. Please help me. I am broken hearted and barely hanging on through the pain . I need your miraculous intercession, Blessed St. Jude. Please hear my prayers.

Please God help me , I want my boyfriend back in my life , he is my best friend , he is the only one who made me feel happy . Make him talk to me and love me again , I promise You that I will be always on his side , until my last day ! I need You Jesus , and I need Your power in my life ! You are my only hope .
Amen !

Oh, Holy Father. I ask for your guidance and help in my relationship that has just ended unexpectedly. He was the love of my life my best friend and for some reason things started to fall apart. We ended our relationship on bad terms and he will not speak with me.

I pray to you to let his heart and mind forgive me for what I did to him, even though what he did to me was much more worse. Give him the strength to see the wrongs he did to me and to finally have the will to tell me he's sorry as I had told him I was sorry. I want our happy relationship that we once had back it was fun and loving. Oh, Holy Father strengthen our relationship so that we may at least be friends again, even though my heart still aches for him and his smile.

I want to know if he was also telling me the truth about not cheating on me ever when we were together, and I pray that it was the truth and that he truly did love me. Please Dear Lord, fill both our hearts with love, patience, joy, and happiness for one another. Help us find our way back to each others arms.

Also help him heal his bitter heart towards me and find the love he once had for me come back. Fill his heart and mind with the good things we had together and less on the bad.

I pray for him to know how much I still love, care and miss him each and everyday since we've been apart, and how much it hurts me that I no longer have a best friend by my side.

I pray to you, Oh Holy Father, to forgive both our sins and to grant us the happiness we truly deserve. But to give us one more shot at love and to rekindle our love for one another once more. Amen.

Dear Lord, I commit the life of the person that I love so dearly in your hands. I know that you are not pleased with the kind of life that he/she is leading. I take this chance to repent of any sin(s) that he/she has committed. I pray that Lord, you may watch over them wherever they are. Guide him/her and show him/her the right way that will lead them to a healthy life. Dear God, please open his/her mind, heart, and spirit to behold your loving grace and mercy. Help him/her to come back to me a changed and transformed man/woman.

Dear Lord, I stand before you this day to ask you to help my love return to me. I acknowledge my faults and wrongs. I know I have maltreated him/her in the past. I take this opportunity to repent of every wrong that I did to him/her. He/she is the only one that makes me feel whole, and he/she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I pray that you may return him/her back to me. With open arms, I will welcome him/her back into my life.

Dear Lord, I pray for your help and guidance to restore the relationship that has just ended. He/she is the love of my life and my dear friend. The relationship ended so badly, and we are not speaking to each other at the moment. Even though he/she did many wrongs to me, I chose to forgive him/her. I pray that you may let his/her heart forgive what I did to him/her. Dear Lord, I pray that you may grant me the happiness that I truly deserve by letting my love come back to me.

Dear Lord, today I come to you to pray for that person that I love so dearly. My most cherished dream is to hold him/her in my arms again. I am finding it difficult to live without my love. Help us to strengthen our relationship and fill our hearts with love, happiness, joy, and patience for each other. Dear Lord, I pray that you may accept this simple prayer and let my love come back to me.