Prayer For A Good Man

I praise and thank You that we have boldness to enter into the throne-room of God, to plead and pray to our heavenly Father. Raise up, I pray an army of faithful men to become prayer-warriors, intercessors for their families and for the whole body of Christ in these dark days that we are currently facing. May they be men that pray always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and may they stand as watchmen with all perseverance and supplication for all Your children.

Lord, I know that the prayers of righteous men are powerful and effective and I pray that the men of this nation will build up a wall of prayer and praise that will surround and uphold their Christian brothers and sisters, who are weaker or younger in the faith than they. May their prayers form a hedge of protection from the fiery darts of the wicked one, around the body of Christ Jesus.

Raise up men of faith, men of the Word, men of prayer. Baptise them in the spirit of prayer and immerse their hearts in pure, persistent prayers and intercessions for all the saints of God. In Jesus' name,


Loving Father, thank You for sending Jesus to come as our perfect example of a godly Man, a Man Who demonstrated that godly living means to walk in spirit and truth, in submission to the Holy Spirit and in obedience to You, His heavenly Father.

Lord, I lift up Christian men everywhere and pray that Your Spirit of grace and truth may rest and remain on each one. I pray that Christian men may grow in grace and in a knowledge of Christ Jesus their Lord, and that they become strong in the Lord and in His mighty strength, and not rely on their own abilities but rest in Him alone.

May the beautiful character of the Lord Jesus be increasingly reflected in each one, and may the Christian men throughout the world be godly witnesses to the truth of the gospel both in their own home and with others, with whom they come in contact.

Build up the body of Christ, I pray, with an army of Christian men who will become a reflection of the Lord Jesus so that they may grow into mighty men of God. In Jesus' name we pray,


Heavenly Father, make _____ like Joseph. Let him respond to insults and offenses whether real or perceived with wisdom, tact, and grace. May he always put the needs and reputation of others ahead of his own.

Give ____ a keen sensitivity to your Holy Spirit. Speak to him, Lord, and tune his ear to hear your voice. When you give him instruction, equip him to follow it wholeheartedly and without hesitation. Strengthen his faith so that he will stay when you say stay and move when you say move.

As _____ cares for his wife and family, be his protector, his guide, and his Father. May he always put his trust in you.

Bless him, Lord.


Dear Lord, I pray for strength and courage for my man. I pray that he continues to have the willpower and divine ability to take on the world and withstand the wiles of the evil the enemy and the evil ones. He shall not fall prey to the devices of the devil and darkness shall not have hold over his life. I pray that you continue to keep him in sound mind, strength and wellness of the soul. Please keep his heart from straying away from and let him continually have his eyes on your purpose for him and his desires.

Dear Lord in Heaven, I pray for my man with all sincerity and love of the heart that he shall continue to prosper and excel. I pray that the fruits of his hardworking labor shall blossom and he shall not be put to shame. I pray O Lord that you shower him with abundant success and let his days be filled with joy and contentment. I pray for him that the work of his hands shall be imbued with integrity and please set his heart on honesty. I pray that my man shall know no lack and he will always have enough to provide for himself and his family Lord.

Dear Father, I pray for protection and security for my man. Please Lord, keep him safe daily under your guaranteed care and do not allow him to stray from your sight ever. Please Lord, just as you promised in your Words, give your Angels charge over him and never allow him fall prey into the hands of the enemy. Oh Lord, we do not trust in the security and safety of this world but we have our complete trust in the protection that you give oh Lord. Never allow me to weep over my man or worry over his health. Continue to be a shield and fortress and let him continue to feel safe in your care Lord.

Dear God,

I have been single for seven years now looking for a companion and life partner to share my life with. I know you did not intend us to live our lives alone. Please look down upon me with the love in your heart and allow me to find someone to share my love and life with.

I have been a good person and have always tried tthe best I can to help others in this world and lead a Christian life. I am tired of being alone I have so much love in my heart to share and give please hear my prayer. Thank you

Dear Father,
I appreciate the gifts you have given me in the past 2 years. My son in one and the best man a woman could ever have in another. Today my best man was charged, which put him in jail and taken away from his family. He really loves his family and you and me both know for sure that he has done no wrong to be put in jail.

I pray that you embrace and hold him with your open arms. He needs you right now and so do we. I pray that things get better sooner then later but I have patience and time for another one of your beautiful blessings. I pray that you strengthen not his love ones but hisself as well. I pray that you give hope for everything to be alright in the end. We really need your glory.

Thank you, with love