Prayer For A City

Dear Lord, we pray for supernatural strength for our city leaders. Father we pray that You raise them up like Joshua, so that they can be leaders of great courage. Lord, help them not to fear the decisions they have to make because You Lord are with them. We ask that You will help them to be strong and of good courage and that they will observe to do according to all You have commanded them. Father we thank You, Amen.

Father, we thank You for the leadership in this divine transformation of the Tampa Metropolitan area. We pray for all pastors, ministry leaders, intercessors and prayer teams leading in all locations. We pray for the Revive Florida team. We thank You that by Your grace all these leaders are examples of Christ. We pray they are equipped and empowered for the calling upon their lives. They glorify God in all that they do. They are encouraged and strengthened. We confess that the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel and might, rests upon them. We thank You that they daily walk in holiness, integrity, humility, justice, peace and love.

We declare great grace and favor upon them as they are filled with unconditional love for God's children. We thank You that they exemplify Your abundance in every area of their lives!

We pray for all Pastors, ministry leaders and prayer teams Business leaders to be Kingdom minded above all else
Lord help pastors and ministry leaders face our flaws and immediately yield to your corrections and embrace your solutions in Jesus name
Father help all leaders in the church at various levels spend the time needed to receive from you in order to serve with passion and power
Father we pray for evangelistic anointing to increase in the Tampa Metropolitan area.
Lord we ask for the love and passion for a fervent lifestyle of outreach and discipleship in our area
We pray for your presence and wisdom over all Revive Florida meetings and events
Lord remove any untruths in the minds and hearts of pastors, ministry leaders and prayer teams replace the untruths with Your truth
We pray for more sound doctrine and teaching to increase across all churches in our area
Lord let all pastors and ministry leaders fully embrace your current move of unity of leaders and churches in the Tampa Metropolitan area
Lord let healing of sickness and deliverance of oppressions increase. Help our faith to be available for you to use us to minister to the hurting
Lord we ask you to help men come into the kingdom. Women, children and ministry leaders need more men to come into the kingdom
We pray for supernatural increases in finances for churches/ministries and excellent stewardship of God's assets to positively impact our communities
Lord help the churches in this area take its rightful place in the society. Help ministry leaders partner with the Holy Spirit to provide Godly solutions to problems
We ask for a release of the breath of God to bring revival, renewal, restoration and transformation, according to Ezekiel 36:33-35.
We declare these things in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and we thank You, Father, that as we do, You cause them to be established so that light will shine upon our ways. Amen.

Lord, we pray with hearts of great compassion for the family and friends of Johnny Rogers. We pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit that goes beyond words to invade their hearts. We pray for the ministry of hope in the midst of overwhelming grief. Lord, be closer to them than they have ever experienced before. Come in Your mercy and grace over Johnny's family and friends today.

Lord, we pray for every young man and woman in our city, from junior high to high school, to be covered and protected by the blood of Jesus. We pray for every work of darkness over their hearts and minds to be bound. We ask for every lie the enemy has planted in their hearts to be eradicated right now. May they see themselves as having great value in Your eyes. We pray for families to pull together like never before and specifically for the teenagers in Waco to band together and call upon Your name. Lord, may they be drawn to Your love, Your power and Your presence to take care of every painful thing in their lives. Cause a deep move of the Holy Spirit throughout our junior high schools and high schools today. Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done.

I'm standing with you and for you as we continue to contend for our city to be what it is called to be: A city set on a hill for the glory of God.

Lord, we pray for every gang member involved in Sunday's tragedy to turn his heart to You. We pray for salvation for the gang members, and not just for them, but for their families and friends. We ask for the brokenness of this situation to turn people to You and not away from You. And Lord, we resist every work of the enemy through gang activity in our city and beyond. We bind the work of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy people's lives and we ask You to cover and protect the leaders in our city. We pray, expecting You, Lord, not only to protect but also to save.

Father God, please protect our citizens in our community and those in the surrounding neighborhoods. I know that You have provided Your own rod of correction for our community through the local law enforcement agencies that You have sovereignly placed here and so protect us and so help us to protect our own neighborhoods too and to watch out for the interests of others (Phil 2:4). For those of us who have trusted in You O God, we know You are our protector and defender, and that ultimately I have no need to fear what anyone can do to me (Matt 10:28; Heb 13:6). Help me to depend on You in all circumstances and to know that nothing happens outside of Your divine will in my life because it's always in my best interests (Rom 8:28) and so thank You for giving us these men and women in authority for our protection for I know that they are those who wield the sword for the You (Rom 13) and so I ask You to bless them and protect them as well as my own family and friends and in Jesus' strong name I pray, amen.

Righteous Father, You know how we are all so connected by family, friendship, fellowship, and faith so we Christians should be united in praying for our local community and for those who have not yet trusted in Christ. It is for those who are separated from You God that we pray for, that You would open their minds to see their falling desperately short of Your glory (Rom 3:32) and that we all deserve only death but You offer all who would come to You eternal life, found only in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12; Rom 6:23). Please help me and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to not be afraid to speak up and tell others that dying outside of having faith in Christ will result in eternal punishment (Rev 20:12-15). We should care enough about people to warn them about God's wrath being on all who refuse to believe in Christ (John 3:36b) so put a tender heart for the lost in my chest. I ask all of these things for the glory of and in the name of the Great Son of God, Jesus Christ, amen.

Holy God, my Father, thank You for the many blessings that our local community has. I pray for those who are in the offices that govern this community and county and that they make wise and godly decisions which are always in the best interests of the community. I am glad that we have the freedom to speak up and vote for those who oppose our set of values. Even if I differ from these leaders, I pray for them to be blessed by You God and also those who are in law enforcement. Please protect them in their line of duty so that they might protect those of us who have placed our trust in them. God, please bless these men and women in city government, the mayor's office, the commission, and all elected officials and certainly those who put themselves in harm's way like law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS workers. I am so thankful we have all of these and in Jesus' precious name I pray, amen.