Prayer For A Child Struggling In School

Lord I humbly ask that you bless my daughter and help her in her studies in school. It's been a tough year since we moved to another country and she is struggling with her studies at the moment. She's hardworking and I am totally convinced in my heart that Lord, You will bless and empower her. Your knowledge and understanding shall never depart from her and she will shine and sail through all the difficulties smoothly. In Jesus mighty name I pray Amen

Lord, I reach out to you for your guidance.
Please show me which way to turn.
Calm my anxious thoughts, come speak into my mind.
Strengthen me as I falter and feel weary.
May I feel strength rising up within my heart.
Bring clarity into my visions and dreams.
I trust that you are with me, no matter where I go,
Or what I decide to do.
You journey with me always.


There was a time Lord when I could cradle him as he cried, and devote myself to the nurture and care of my treasured son.
There was a time Lord when I could fill his days with joyful play, new adventures and provide warmth and love for my treasured son.
There was a time Lord, when I could cuddle up, and listen to his cares, sift and solve the problems, make him feel secure and safe.

At this new time Lord, I can't erase the sadness, I can't provide joy, or cuddle away the worries of my treasured son.
He has grown, beyond my simple care, adrift from the joys I can bring him, apart from the sanctuary of a mother's arms, yet he will always be my treasured son.

He needs you Father God, your spirit to comfort his mind, your strength and hope to bring joy, your truth and peace to ease his worries.

So I give him to you. I sit at the foot of the cross and ask you to move in the mind, heart and life of my treasured son.


Almighty God, Thank you for journeying with us as we have loved, cared for and nurtured our son. He is so full of your promise and life, and we are excited for him as he moves into new adventures. We ask for your strong arm of protection to be around him, wherever he goes, whatever he does, whoever he is with. Lord, you are always beside him in a way that we can not fathom. Keep him from harm, be ahead of him in new places and behind him watching his back. Hold him high when he faces hardship and close when he is afraid. Run with him in his joys and weave your kingdom truths through his mind. Thank you for loving him. Amen.

Dear Almighty God, I lift my son to you, high above me, like I used to when he was small. I am concerned for him. I carry him moment by moment in my heart yet I can no longer physically lift him. However, I know that you can, that your love for him is deeper than mine. For you are Lord over all, you breathe life into all of creation, you are holy ground and our resting place. So here I wait, holding my dear son. I wait knowing that I have sometimes failed him but that your grace is enough to hold us. I ask for your wisdom each day to keep loving and watching over him. Father, I ask for healing in every area of his mind, body and soul. In Jesus name. Amen.

Dear Lord,

My mind is cloudy. My emotions are high. Part of me wants to run and hide and the other part wants to go to any extreme necessary to save my child from this struggle.

Help me, Lord, to respond and not react. Clear my mind, calm my heart, and renew my spirit. Let my words and actions be wise and measured. Help me think before I speak and pray before I make a move.

You aren't the author of confusion because confusion comes from the enemy. Help me and my child see Your truth clearly in this situation, trust Your timing, and find rest in the peace from You that surpasses all understanding.

In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Dear Lord,

I feel so burdened. My heart is heavy and my mind is racing. I want to be strong for my child. I want to push past anxiety, fear, and despair so I can face this situation with peace, wisdom, and the hope of eternal life.

Please, Lord, fix my eyes on You. Keep me mindful of the big picture. When my mind wanders to the future and worst case scenarios reign me in the present. Remind me that Jesus exists in the present, and focusing my attention on today will reveal the little blessings and large blessings designed to help us through this trial.

You love my child more than I do, Lord, and I trust you with her life. I know you work all things together for good for those who love You. Please give her the stamina to handle this trial and the faith to endure it. Help her hear Your voice, feel Your presence, and impact the faith of others as she faces this hardship with humility, grace, and confidence in You.

In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Jesus,thank u for all the love you have given to us.My kid is struggling in her studies she is always having a stressful day.Lord,you know that because of her shyness she finds her subjects more difficult.She has only 1 friend that can help her.

I am requesting you Jesus to help her and i am hoping that her professor understand her weakness.She really like her course.I know by your help Jesus,she can finish her studies.By your will,she can be calm and safe.All these i ask through Christ our Lord,Amen.