Prayer For Achieving Goals

Loving Heavenly Father, I come to you today because I want to seek Your will for my life rather than following my own direction in life, as I know that in my heart I can stray from Your best path.

Lord, I want to be successful in what I turn my hand to because I want to do everything as unto You. And so today, I come to lay the desires of my heart before You and to ask that in Your grace, You will forward the plans I have for my life, in a way that is best pleasing to You.

Lead me Lord in the way of Your choosing, as I lay before You the hopes and dreams of my heart, which I would dearly love to fulfil. I surrender all these dreams to You, praying that you will guide me in the path that is best suited to carry out Your best work in me.

I ask this the name of the Lord Jesus,


Loving Lord, I know that all things come from You and You hold all things together, not only in the vastness of the universe, but in my own simple life too. Help me I pray, to plan my future career carefully and wisely, and may I follow the path in my chosen career that honours you.

Watch over all my plans and all that I say and do in my dealings with others. Show me how to give of my best and not to shirk hard work, but gladly fulfil all the duties and responsibilities of life in a gracious and discerning way.

Govern my actions, guard my tongue, bless my efforts, guide my decisions and help me to produce the best, so that in my life and career, I may honour Your name. In Jesus' name,


Dear Lord Jesus, I know that somewhere in the Bible it says that we are to enlarge our tents and stretch forth the curtains of our dwelling, to lengthen the cords and to strengthen the stakes. Father, I ask that You would lead me to enlarge the tent of my life and give me the vision to spread forth my wings and fly in the direction that You would have me go.

Help me to grow in grace and wisdom as I step out into an unknown future. Be with me Lord I pray, and give me success in all I do, for I want to be pleasing in Your sight. May I be used of You to reach out in whatever direction I go, not for my own credit but to Your praise and glory. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for today. Thank You for the inspiration You give me to dream and to set goals for myself. I realize I am not guaranteed tomorrow, let alone the rest of today. But setting goals gives me the motivation to live out each day purposefully and with direction. So I pray that You would help me set my goals and then equip me to fulfill them. I submit each and every goal to You. May my goals reflect Your will for my life and may they glorify You. I pray for other women who have goals and dreams that they desire to see happen. May You also equip them to reach those precious desires. Fill us with your awesome purpose in Jesus' name AMEN!

Good morning Heavenly Father! I pray to you on this early morning hour to thank you for all the rest we get each night to achieve our everyday goals and life's obstacles that we face each day!

God bless our elderly, parents, children, and every occupation in the world. May they have the strength and wisdom to get thru each day! Keep us safe night and day, where ever we may be and may we return home safely at the end of each day!

Lord for You are my rock and my fortress; Therefore, for Your name's sake, lead us and guide us, In Jesus Name We Pray! Amen

Dear God I would like you to help me see my talents and I been trying to do the ballet moves that I want to learn but I keep on failing. The reason why I want to learn these moves is because I would like to be a dancer and maybe one of the best but the problem is that I put myself down I would like you to know that I put in the work and you can help me out and shine a light in the window. I want to see my accomplishment and lord give me a sign let me know that I will finish what I put my mind to and I would love maybe if you showed me a dream or something that showed me my dancing in a couple years from now.

In Jesus name amen

Dear Father; Son; and Holy Spirit;

I am writing to you today in reference to helping me accomplish my needs in order to move on and accomplish bigger goals I have in this lifetime. I feel I have so much to offer to my family and friends as well as people in general. Spiritually I am growing however I need to find my purpose; I get frustrated :

I understand I have a lot of plans ahead of me and can't seem to focus. Please give me inner wisdom and strentgh to overcome this obstacle ; help me focus on my creativity; raising my daughter right; be a better person; and to take care or myself better physically and mentally.

Help me focus and do better in life and help me excel in my new job. thank you for listening ..I love you for that

Father God, thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank you Lord for giving me life and strength. You watched over me all through the night, you never sleep nor slumber, I thank you Lord. Lord I ask for forgiveness of sin, all my mistakes I pray you have mercy. Help me to forgive others too. Draw me closer to you and nothing shall separate me from your love today. God help me to achieve all my goals and let them be in line with your plans. If there is adjustment you would love me to make, God don't hesitate to let me know so that I won't waste my time chasing the wind. Let your will be done. Amen.