Nativity Set/Creche Blessing

For Use by Laypersons

To offer this blessing, set out the nativity set (also commonly called a creche or manger scene) and pray this prayer over it. You may want to sprinkle holy water over the whole set. Traditionally, while the nativity is disaplyed during Advent, the baby Jesus is not added until Christmas (December 25), and the Wise Men are added on Epiphany (January 6).

A Nativity Set by David Bennett

The Blessing

O God,

Blessed are You, king of the universe:

You have created all things for your eternal glory.

We ask Your blessing upon this nativity scene.

As we gaze upon this portrayal of the birth of Your Son, Our Lord,

Give to us, we pray, Your grace and love,

And in turn, we will share Your love and mercy with everyone we meet.

Through the same Christ our Lord.




Updated 12-17-2016