Story of Isaac

Story of Isaac: God's Providence in the World

In the Bible, Abraham and Jacob are the most discussed of the Patriarchs, or founding fathers, of Judaism and Christianity, but we can't neglect the story of Isaac. Isaac and his story occupy an important place in the early days of Israel's history.

angel in the skyThe Bible's story of Isaac begins with his miraculous birth (Genesis 21). Abraham and Sarah were childless in their old age, even though God promised them that they would have a child and eventually have countless descendants. Isaac was this child of the promise.

The second major story of Isaac in the Bible comes in Genesis 22, when God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Even though Isaac is the child of the promise through whom God is going to bless Abraham, Abraham still obeys God without question. In the end, however, God stops Abraham and spares Isaac. The Bible doesn't give the reaction of Isaac in the story, but he probably was scared, then relieved.

Later, in Genesis 24, Abraham tries to find a wife for Isaac. Abraham sends his servant to his relatives and comes across Rebekah. The Bible is clear that God guided the servant to choose Rebekah. She agrees to marry Isaac and the couple eventually fall in love.

The last days of Isaac are connected with his twin sons, Jacob and Esau. In Genesis 27, Isaac is portrayed as a senile old man subject to the trickery and scheming of Rebekah and Jacob. He dies soon after.

Although the story of Isaac seems less significant than others, we must remember that God still used him as a vehicle for His grace. In addition, all of the great Jewish people of all time, including Jesus, trace their lineage through Isaac. St. Paul notes that all Christians are adopted children of Abraham through Isaac.