What is a Saint Day (St Day)

Catholics Days Honor Holy Men and Women

saintsA saint day is a day set aside in the Christian calendar devoted a particular saint (St. Lawrence, for example). A saint is a holy person the Church recognizes as being examples for Christians. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches (and some Protestant ones) recognize the importance of a saint by giving him or her a unique saint day in the year and inviting believers to honor and remember that saint in public and private prayer and worship.

Each day of the year has many saints associated with it, and every holy person in Church tradition is assigned a saint day. However, in the general Roman calendar, observed by all Catholics throughout the world, a day typically has only one saint set aside to be recognized or honored, at least at public worship (Mass). For example, St. Patrick is celebrated on March 17th and St. Francis on October 3rd.

The day will sometimes be an important celebration (such as a day devoted to St. Mary or St. Joseph) to merely a commemoration of the saint's life (like St. Thomas Aquinas). Either way, a worshiper who follows the Christian Church year will have a day set aside to ponder the life of and honor an individual saint each calendar year.


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