Labor Day

What is the Date of Labor Day 2023?

joseph statueLabor Day is a federal holiday originally celebrated by unions and created by US Congress to try to keep peace between management and labor. Labor Day always falls on the first Monday in September.

Labor Day is an interesting holiday in that it originally started as a day to honor the worker and uphold worker's rights. While unions and others use Labor Day to advance this purpose, for the average American Labor Day is a time when they think only of leisure and nothing about the purpose of their work and their condition as a worker.

Labor Day is not observed as a formal holiday in the Catholic Church year, although some parishes may include references to its themes in the prayers for the people that day. The Catholic Church has its own day set aside to honor the dignity of the worker, which is Saint Joseph the Worker on May 1. Pope Piux XII created this day as an alternative to May Day celebrations, which often had overt communist themes. Labor Day is not officially celebrated in the liturgical calendar.


Updated 02-07-2023 by Elizabeth Craig