Joseph in the Bible

Joseph in the Bible: Two Great Men of Faith

The son of Jacob and his favorite wife, Rachel, Joseph of the Old Testament was favored by his father. He was given many presents, including a coat of many colors. All of this favoritism enraged his brothers. When he had a dream that showed his family bowing down and worshipping him, the brothers had enough. They kidnapped Joseph, sold him into slavery, and told their parents that he had been killed by a wild animal.

holy family of jesus mary and josephIn Egypt, the slave traders sold him to Potiphar, a high-ranking Egyptian official. Joseph's leadership qualities allowed him to rise to the position of chief slave, which meant great authority in Potiphar's house. However, Joseph was also loved by Potiphar's wife, who attempted to seduce him. According to the story of Joseph in the Bible, he ran away. Enraged, she accused him of rape and he was thrown in prison.

While in prison, God continued to bless Joseph. He was given the position of chief prisoner, which also meant more freedom and responsibility. His charisma came to the attention of two other prisoners: Pharaoh's former baker and cupbearer. They both told Joseph their dreams, and he correctly predicted their future. The cupbearer would be restored to his position while the baker was to be hanged. However, the cupbearer forgot about Joseph when he left prison.

Later, Pharaoh had two unusual dreams, but no one could interpret them. The cupbearer remembered Joseph at last and had him released from prison. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dream correctly, predicting seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of famine. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of storing grain and Joseph saved countless people from starvation. In reward for his efforts, Joseph was put in charge of running Egypt, second only to Pharaoh.

Joseph's brothers eventually arrived in Egypt to get food during the famine. Joseph concealed his identity at first, but then revealed himself. He reconciled with his brothers and even brought them, their families, and his father to Egypt. God blessed Joseph in the Bible. God used human sin and a bad thing (becoming a slave) to save thousands and put Joseph in great power. Thus, Joseph is a perfect role model of faith and patience.

The other prominent Joseph in the Bible is the foster father of Jesus Christ and spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Bible says that Joseph and Mary were engaged when she was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit. Joseph, a kind and just man, wanted to divorce her quietly, but an angel appeared to him and told him the circumstances. Then Joseph, a great man of faith, raised Jesus as his own child.

Thus, we see from Joseph in the Bible two examples of great faith in God and doing the right thing. Both Josephs lived their lives completely trusting in God's providence to guide their way.