Jesus People

Jesus People: Being a Christian Explained

Followers of Christ have been known by names throughout the history of the Church. Originally the Bible tells us that the Christian movement was called “The Way.”

sacred heart of jesusHowever, at some point, people who followed Jesus were called “Christians,” which literally means partisans for Christ. While a few other names for followers of Jesus have been proposed throughout history (for example, Jesus Freaks), the term Christian has largely stuck.

As partisans for Christ, we are Jesus people on the side of Christ. That means we stand up for Him, confess His name and, above all, follow Him in our word and our deed. Christians should be totally devoted to Jesus. An analogy today would be a diehard follower of a sports team. Sadly, a lot of people are bigger fans and followers of the Chicago Bulls or the Miami Dolphins than of Jesus Christ.

Although it seems hard to believe to Americans in the 21st century, followers of Jesus throughout history have often died for their faith in Him. They took their role as partisans for Christ so seriously that they refused to deny Him, even under pain of death! These people who died for Jesus are called martyrs. People who suffered for their faith in Jesus are called confessors.

Thus, Jesus people are those who follow Him as his partisans. They stand up for him at all times, even being willing to offer themselves as confessors or martyrs for His cause.