The Cain and Abel Story

The First Murder, and God's Love

The story of Cain and Abel is probably one of the most fascinating in the entire Bible. It has the intrigue of a great novel or a Hollywood movie. Two brothers compete to win the attention of God by offering Him sacrifices. God accepted Abel's sacrifice and looked with favor upon him, but rejected Cain's sacrifice. In his anger at the rejection, Cain murders Abel and tries to hide his sin. God confronts Cain and punishes him with a life of wandering. God also puts a mark on Cain, referred to as "the mark of Cain." 

John VersesWhat are we to make of this story of Cain and Abel? An important question is: Why did God reject Cain's sacrifice? The simple answer is that we don't know. Perhaps Cain's heart was not sincere in his giving or maybe Abel followed God's rules for sacrifice more accurately.

One possible explanation is that the story is more symbolic than literal. In this way, the story could be the author's way of demonstrating how original sin rapidly led to even more heinous sins, such as Cain killing his brother Abel.

Another possible clue could lie in their professions. Cain is a farmer, while Abel is a shepherd. God rejects Cain's sacrifice, which could be the author's way of indicating his preference for the nomadic life over the settled life of farmers. He would be a representative of the "good old days" of Israel before they settled into a geographically confined nation state.

Although this story demonstrates God's justice, it also shows His love. God doesn't kill Cain, and He even protects him. The mark of Cain, in fact, is not a punishment for murdering Abel, but is actually a mark of protection so no one will take vengeance on Cain for killing Abel. Although there are conflicting theories, the mark of Cain was most likely a tattoo.

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