Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah: Founders of the Promise

Abraham and Sarah (originally named Abram and Sarai) were a husband and wife mentioned in the book of Genesis. Abraham is called a patriarch because he was the founding father of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. Sarah would be considered a matriarch from the Jewish and Christian traditions. She is highly honored in Islam too.


Abraham and Sarah were half siblings, but this was more accepted in ancient times. The Bible tells us that Sarah was very beautiful and when Abraham and Sarah went to Egypt during a famine, Pharaoh tried to take Sarah into his harem. Only God's intervention saved Sarah from being forced into this situation.

Abraham and Sarah wanted a child, but she was barren. However, God promised both of them many descendents and that Abraham would be the founder of a great nation. Yet, even in old age, no child had arrived. That may explain why, when God announced that they would have a child in their 90s, both responded with laughter. This was also when God changed their names, saying they would no longer be Abram and Sarai, but Abraham and Sarah.

Eventually, Abraham and Sarah had a child, named Isaac, which brought both of them great joy. The Bible tells us Abraham outlived Sarah, eventually remarrying and having more children. However, Abraham and Sarah are the couple that is associated with the beginnings of God's promises to Israel.


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