Abortion in the Bible

Abortion in the Bible: The Value of Life

Abortion is an area where Catholicism and evangelical Christianity are quite clear. It is the taking of an innocent life. However, many Christians are surprised to not find the topic of abortion in the Bible. Abortion isn't really mentioned in the Bible, at least not specifically. However, we can find in the Bible a consistent approach to human life that can be applied to the issue of abortion today.

BookFirst, the Bible is clear about the unique status of humanity and the value given to all human beings. Genesis speaks of humans as created in the image and likeness of God. Thus, every human being, even unborn, possesses that special mark of God's creation. Abortion is the killing of a person made in God's image.

Second, the Bible on many occasions speaks of God choosing people for special vocations even before their birth. Jeremiah was said to be called from the womb. John the Baptist was chosen before his birth as well. And, of course, we can't forget the ultimate example: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was the Messiah at conception.

Finally, the Ten Commandments in the Bible implicitly prohibit abortion. Although they don't specifically condemn abortion, they do prohibit murder, which is by definition the killing of innocent life.

Finally, even though the topic of abortion in the Bible isn't completely clear, the Church throughout the centuries has consistently condemned abortion on the witness of the Bible to the preservation of innocent life, the calling of individuals before birth, and the unique value of all humans.