ChurchYear.Net Basic

Church Year Customs, Traditions, and Prayers: Short and Sweet

Many of our ChurchYear.Net pages are full of advanced and more academic information. We are proud of this. However, as a place for simpler, more personalized, and even more fun, information, we have created ChurchYear.Net Basic. Please stop back often as we add more basic pages!

Holidays and Holiday Related

The Christmas Tree |  Easter 2013 |  Easter Eggs
Fast Day |  Feast Day |  Holy Day of Obligation |  Easter 2014
Magi |  Memorial |  Saint Day |  Saint Prayer
Is Santa Christian? |  The Santa/Jesus Connection |  Solemnity
Thanksgiving 2013 |  Thanksgiving 2014

Miscellaneous Church and Bible

Abba Father |  Abortion in the Bible |  Abraham and Isaac |  Abraham and Sarah
The Beatitudes |  The Bible Is |  The Bible Online |  Bible Prophecies
Bible Prophets |  The Cain Abel Story |  Catholic Diocese |  Catholic Protestant Differences
What is a Catholic School? |  A Community Church |  The Holy Trinity |  Jacob and the Angel
Jacob and the Esau |  Jesus Is... |  Jesus People |  Joseph in the Bible |  Joseph in Egypt
The Love of Jesus |  The Medieval Church |  Noah's Flood |  Prayer in Jesus Name
The Sermon on the Mount |  Sign of the Cross |  The Story of Isaac |  The Study of the Bible | 
Sacred Space | Heaven and Hell Comparison

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